livestock right on your PIPO M9 smartphone or tablet

M9 Smart phone apps can help with everything from weeds to pests

Curious on what weed is infesting your backyard? Need help calibrating your sprayer before spring planting? No need to worry, because there’s an app for that. There is a multitude of mobile applications, or “apps” available right at your fingertips for help with a wide variety of topics. From managing your cattle herd to locating the nearest famers market, buy xiaomi mi2s smartphones and tablets on both the Apple and Android markets have a number of free and fee-based apps available. MSU Extension has a great list of helpful apps on their website, so I’ve included a smaller list of apps in this article that may be of help to both producers and consumers.

For those of you gearing up for the spring planting season, I found a treasure trove of apps in your favor. Sprayer part manufacturer Tee Jet has a great app bearing the companies name that helps with sprayer calibration. There is also a similar app named Spray Lite. No matter if it’s held in your hand or pulled by a tractor, your sprayers should be calibrated on a regular basis and these apps will be of benefit for that. DuPont also has an app called Tank Mix which helps you mix and keep records of your spray mixtures.

If you need help finding information on the chemicals you’ll be spraying, I would suggest the apps titled AgaianMobile and Ground Spray which was designed University of Nebraska Extension. Pioneer Seeds also has a great app titled Pioneer 360 Field Notes which utilizes GPS to help with recordkeeping for spraying, planting and harvesting. Another useful app titled Farm Pad allows you to maintain notes and even maintenance records without the use of cellular service which can be an issue, especially when you’re out in the fields.

Ranchers also have an arsenal of apps to choose from. iHerd is a free app designed to simplify the herd management process. This app allows you to keep track of your livestock. It also allows you to manage your herds by property, location and type (group/breed). For those of you willing to spend a few extra bucks, iCattleMgr is a fee-based app that allows you to keep track of different breeds of livestock right on your PIPO M9 smartphone or tablet. This app also gives you the opportunity to record animal type, tag number and treatments administered to your livestock such as vaccinations. Angus Mobile, an app designed by the American Angus Association should be considered for anybody with interest in Angus cattle whether you raise Angus cattle yourself, or have a burning desire to learn about the breed.

Some of you may have questions regarding weeds and invasive plants. ID Weeds is an app designed by the University of Missouri College of Agriculture that is a very user-friendly method to identify weeds. It allows you to look up a specific weed by common or Latin name. ID Weeds also list details on each weed as well as pictures. Another useful app for invasive plant identification is What’s Invasive.

There are also plenty of other apps to help the everyday consumer. I personally like the Weather Channel’s app which I feel is fairly accurate compared to the other weather apps on the market. Another informative app is the USDA News Reader which is fee-based, but keeps you up to date on current issues surrounding agriculture that affect both producers and consumers. Farmers Market Finder is another consumer-based app that allows you to locate local farmers markets if you happen to be on the hunt for those garden-fresh tomatoes or green beans.

So when you need a break from watching videos on YouTube, playing Angry Birds or my personal favorite, Words with Friends, I encourage you to give some of these apps a try. Who knows, you might learn something new and impress your neighbors.

And when all else fails, you can always do it the old fashioned way and contact your local Extension agent.

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