GSM network in which you will avoid having difficulty in getting an online connection

You’ll get more from the Android Cell Phone at a Low-Low Price Imaginable!

I am very excited with my i7100 Android 4.0 Smartphone that I have purchased in A108 Smart Phone, especially when I finally signed the invoice when it was delivered right at my doorstep just within the promised 24 hours delivery period. That was the first observation, a commendable one t that; I made with the online shop. I immediately inserted the sim card that I have, which the cell phone is allowed of making use two at a time, and clicked away to check the specs of the Smartphone!

The cell phone is what I hoped it would be and more! The 5.0 WVGA Screen displays auto clear images with sharp colors to make it look like it will leap out of the screen truly took my breath away with awe! The responsiveness of the screen to the touch never seizes to amaze me every time I drag my finger in a 360 directional function! The sound given off from the ultra tiny speaker can do justice with the Smartphone and is breathtakingly precise! The dual camera features with the back camera flashlight specs are truly magnificent! The fashionable features are always on the top of the list when purchasing a cell phone. And my i700 Android 4.0 Smartphone is up to beat! And since all seemed to have found a use or two with internet on the day to day living, the signal capacitor of this awesome cell phone unit will get you connected with Wifi in no time at all! The apps needs to be bought for it to function for you with no delays or the apps that were downloadable without being charged for such as Facebook, downloadable games free or with a reasonable price to enjoy them, take your peak! Just make sure that you are using the GSM network in which you will avoid having difficulty in getting an online connection and you can’t avoid blaming the cell phone because of the function discrepancies which was in fact made clear ever since you stumbled into the product with your browsing it from the Tengda N9500, and by the time you made the purchase.

I give undivided attention to such important details regarding the product I am interested of purchasing online. It will be coming as handy as I know it would be when you get to the situation that is quite compromising. The black color is but appropriate for me who has the habit of inserting the cell phone in my not so clean pocket pants as I spend most of my time outdoors doing everything under the sun.

Luckily for me, I have found just the cell phone that befits my lifestyle. The sturdy feature is what I am very thankful of when I had my Smartphone. I just hope that it can stay as functional as the product description say it would. I am a fully satisfied customer availed of the cell phone, but with just a tiny bitsy complaint; the memory is too low for an active individual like I am with a flair for the still-picture collecting. But aside from that, I can’t give anything but; thumbs up for this product! Before I forget, I paid only USD 85.43 for my unit!

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