Which of course I recommended to them of getting the One X Android 4.0 3G Smartphone

Android Cell Phone Madness Goes Viral!

Android cell phones are making waves and one commendable unit is the ONE X Android 4.0 3G Smartphone that I purchased for a birthday gift for myself. The dual camera really fascinates me with soft touch 4.5 inch QHD screen is but befitting someone that is always on the go like I am. Including the featured two sim card usability is simply spectacular and handy when I am on the field on a project which my co-workers can contact me as soon as they need something. If the network coverage in the area is unquestionable that is. The durability of the body can withstand the pressure of the tight compartment of my jeans pockets, which is a very lovable feature the cell phone is for me and I’m sure for all the other customers out there as well. And included in the purchase were the Bullet Car mini USB charger that really is handy with recharging the battery and avoid it running out on me even I’m on the road. Plus the Max change C4 Universal 4GB High Speed Micro SDHC/ TF Memory Card that can handle just about the videos, pictures and foot notes that I saved in my cell phone. The data will be uploaded in my laptop when I get back to the office or at home with the use of the memory card reader that was included with the purchase.

The wireless internet connectivity will vary wither the area you are in has GSM+WCDMA network coverage. You will avoid yourself the thought of dissatisfaction if you take into consideration of checking out the availability, which the cell phone has no way of being blamed for the signal coverage malfunctions. Guess how much I paid for all that? Only USD 169.49! A really good deal with half the estimated price for such awesome product that can be bought online with your credit card and you just need to wait for the guaranteed 24 hours for the delivery, which by the way they are good for their word! A true commendable commenced action from the online company I bought my cell phone from the i8750+ boxw. A truly commendable online shopping with commitment of making their costumers happy!

There are websites offering the same product at a different price. Why would I buy somewhere more costly when I can avail of the extra ordinary cell phone for less right? My unit is truly commendable when it comes to its functional features. I was not the only one that noticed it but my co-workers as well. Their curiosity opened the opportunity to my indorsing the cell phone to them, and they didn’t hesitate in purchasing their own unit from the N7189 Smart Phone. Which of course I recommended to them of getting the One X Android 4.0 3G Smartphone as I have tested their efficiency in handling the purchase and the delivery as well that can be trusted of knocking on your door within the 24 hour period as they promised! Truly deserving of the high rating and commendation!

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