Fine Powder Machine Has Direct Influence on Grinding Ball

According to the different methods of discharging material, cement ball mill can be divided into central discharging type and circum discharging type. The diameter of the hollow shaft neck of the discharging part is much larger than that of the over-flow ball mill with the same specifications which is to reduce the slurry level and to speed up the cement mill speed through the pulp. It grinds the rock and ore by way of the pressure of the cement and the grinding force. When the cement hits the ore, firstly it is broken into thick bead, and then grinded to smaller magnetic particles. Cement and concrete is the line between contact, and the ball and the goal contacts with dot, and therefore, when inner goes up along the rotation, during which clip thick bead is taken, which is like article cement screen effect makes fine grain go through from cement seam which also is helpful for breaking thick bead and make the coarse grain concentrate where grinding medium blows. For this reason, this grinding machine has excellent selective grinding effect and the granularity of the finished products is even and the over-grinded products are few.

The stone directly falls into the high-speed rotary wheel from the above of the machine, under the driving force of the high-speed centrifugal force; it is impacted with high-speed and crushed with high-intensity with the other part target stone that is flying around the turntable in an umbrella form. After the stone is crushed with each other, it will be impacted, crushed and grinded between the turntables and cabinet for several times of the eddy current, in the end, directly discharged from the bottom of the machine. Just like this, it will form a close-circuit ring for several time of cycling and the required granularity of the finished products is determined by screening equipment. Hongxing Machinery is a high-tech enterprise, which is specializing in the research, development, and manufacture of industrial stone crushing & screening equipment, grinding mills, mining equipment and so on. So far, we have established a whole production chain, of which main products cover stone crushing & screening equipment: dry process rotary kiln, rotary dryer.

The machine is new and medium and fine grinding equipment that is researched and developed in the last century and it is also widely used for replacing hammer crusher and impact crusher in the world. It has such advantages as unique and special structure, stable and reliable operation, low energy consumption, high production capacity and crushing ratio. In the working process, the stone can form a protection layer so that the machine itself has little wear and tear and has a long service life. Some easy-wearing parts adopt hard abrasion-resistant material and the size is small, the weight is light and convenient to change.

The harder the material is, the more difficult when it is crushed, and the more serious the abrasion will be. The more of the fine powder, the efficiency of the mill machine will be slower because these fine powders will easily stick to the pulp and influence the transportation. So it should be screened ahead of time as for the high fine-powder content material.

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