Silk by silk content in the end how much would be qualified city Textile Co

Silk by silk content in the end how much would be qualified city Textile Co., Ltd. involving false propaganda silk fined. In the end is how it happened? Original fine of 15,000 yuan reasons: silk is silk content is only 30%, does not meet the standard silk was.
bedding sets Customers spent 460 yuan to buy to get the silk was due to be cheap to buy can not be called a silk quilt silk quilt, and also lead to a fine Trade and Industry for its production company. This in the end is how is it? Original silk, silk is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national content of not less than 50%. That customers buy a Textile Co the “Hanson luxurious silk silk content of only 30%, amounting to less than silk was standard. Textile Co., Ltd. “Silk” words used on the product packaging, silk content of only 30%, the alleged false advertising is illegal, it is a fine of 15,000 yuan.
Comforter Sets Silk by silk content of at least 50% in order to call it silk was the usual practice of some unscrupulous businessmen in silk content tricks, obviously not 100% silk content but sale price of 100% silk content. Purchase silk was the first to look at the price of the ordinary silk catty price 200 yuan, to do a five or six pounds of silk should at least 1,000 yuan lower than the price it is hard to find the real thing. Purchase when also remember not to be cheap to buy defective or counterfeit products.more and more detail in

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