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ent family?”
“From the strongest reason in the world. You are the daughter of a rascally Scotchman, who spent every shilling of my aunt Lucy’s fortune , and left you a beggar. You have got an hundred pounds, and Grimes’s father promises to give him as much. How dare you look down upon your equals?”
“Indeed, sir, I am not proud. But, indeed and indeed, I can never love Mr. Grimes. I am very happy as I am: wh moncler outlet y should I be married?”
“Silence your prating! Grimes will be here this afternoon. Look that you behave well to him. If you do not, he will remember and repay, when you least like it.”
“Nay, I am sure, sir — you are not in earnest?”
“Not in earnest! Damn me, but we will see that. I can tell what you would be at. You had rather be Mr. Falkland’s miss, than the wife of a plain downright yeoman. But I shall take care of you.— Ay, this comes of indulgence. You must be taken down, miss. You must be taught the difference between high-flown notions and realities. Mayhap you moncler men sale may take it a little in dudgeon or so; but never mind moncler jacket sale that. Pride always wants a little smarting. If you should be brought to shame, it is I that shall bear the blame of it.”
The tone in which Mr. Tyrrel spoke was so different from any thing to which Miss Melville had been accustomed, that she felt herself wholly unable to determine what construction to put upon it. Sometimes she thought he had really formed a plan for im moncler sale for kids posing upon her a condition that she could n moncler sell ot bear so much as to think of. But presently she rejected this idea as an unworthy imputation upon her kinsman, and concluded that it was only his way, and that all he meant was to try her. To be resolved however, she determined to consult her constant adviser, Mrs. Jakeman, and moncler sale womens jackets accordingly repeated to her what had passed. Mrs. Jakeman saw the whole in a v moncler sale authentic ery different light from that in which Emily had conceived it, and trembled for the future peace of her beloved ward.
“Lord bless me, my dear mamma!” cried Emily, (this was the appellation she delighted to bestow upon the good housekeeper,) “you cannot think so? But I do not care. I will never marry Grimes, happen what will.”
“But how will you help yourself? My master will oblige you.”
“Nay, now you think you are talking to a child indeed. It is I am to have the man, no ralph lauren sale t Mr. Tyrrel. Do you think I will let any body else choose a husband for me? I am not such a fool as cheap moncler sale that neither.”
“Ah, Emily! you little know the disadvantages of your situation. Your cousin is a violent man, and perhaps will turn you out of doors, if you oppose him.”
“Oh, mamma! it is very wicked of you to say so. I am sure Mr. Tyrrel is a very good ma moncler sale coats n, though he be a little cross now and then. He knows very well that I am right to have a will of my own in such a thing as this, and nobody is punished for doing what is right.”
“Nobody ought, my dear child. But moncler sale there are very wicked and tyrannical men in the world.”
“Well, well, I will never believe my cousin is one of these.”
“I hope he is not.”
“And if he were, what then? To be sure I should he very sorry to make him angry.”
“What then! Why then my poor Emily would b moncler jackets e a beggar. Do you think I could bear to see that?”
“No, no. Mr. Tyrrel has just told me that I have a hundred pounds. But if I had no fortune, is not that the case with a thousand other folks? Why should I grieve, for what they bear and are merry? Do not make yourself uneasy, mamma. I am determined that I will do any thing rather than marry Grimes; that is what I will.”
Mrs. Jakeman could not bear the uneasy state of suspense in which this conversation left her mind, and went immediately to the squire to have her doubts resolved. The manner in which she proposed the question, sufficiently indicated the judgment she had formed of the match.
“That is true,” said Mr. Tyr moncler sale rel,

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