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“May I?” asked Allan. “Won’t the major think it too e nike free run 2 review arly?”
“Early or late, I am sure papa will be only too glad to see you.”
She led the way briskly up the garden path, and opened the parlor door. As Allan followed her into the little room, he saw, at the further end of it, a gentleman sitting alone at an old-fashioned writing-ta nike free run plus ble, with his back turned to his visitor.
“Papa! a surprise for you!” said Miss Milroy, rousing him from his occupation. “Mr. Armadale has come to Thorpe Ambrose; and I have brought him here to see you.”
The majo nike free 3.0 review r started; rose, bewildered for the moment; recovered himself immediately, and advanced to welcome his young landlord, with hospitable, outstretched hand.
A man with a larger experience of the world and a nike free running shoes finer observation of humanity than Allan possessed would have seen the story of Major Milroy’s life written in Major Milroy’s face. The home troubles that had struck him were plainly betrayed in his stooping figure and his wan, deeply wrinkled cheeks, when he first showed himself on rising from his chair. The changeless influence of one monotonous pursuit and one monotonous habit of thought was next expressed in the dull, dreamy self-absorpti nike free run 3 on of his manner and his look while his daughter was speaking to him. The moment after, when he had roused himself to welcome his guest, was the moment which made the self-revelation complete. Then there flickered in the major’s weary eyes a faint reflection of the spirit of his happier youth. Then there passed over the major’s dull and dreamy manner a change which told unmistakably of nike free run 2 social graces and accomplishments, learned at some past time in no ignoble social school; a man who had long since taken his patient refuge from trouble in his own mechanical pursuit; a man only roused at intervals to know himself again for what he once had been. So revealed to all eyes that could read him aright, Major Milroy now stood before Allan, on the first morning of an acquaintance which was destined to be an event in Allan’s life.
“I am heartily glad to see you, Mr. A nike free rmadale,” he said, speaking in the changeless quiet, subdued tone peculiar to most men whose occupations are of the solitary and monotonous kind. “You have done me one favor already by taking me as your tenant, and you now do me another by paying this friendly visit. If you have not breakfasted already, let me waive all ceremony on my side, and ask y nike free review ou to take your place at our little table.”
“With the greatest pleasure, Major M nike free trainers uk ilroy, if I am not in the way,” replied Allan, delighted at his reception. “I was sorry to hear from Miss Milroy that Mrs. Milroy is an invalid. Perhaps my being here unexpectedly; perhaps the sight of a strange face —”
“I understand your hesitation, Mr. Armadale,” said the major; “but it is quite unnecessary. Mrs. Milroy’s illness keeps her entirely confined to her own room. Have we got everything we want on the table, my love?” he went on, changing the subject so abruptly that a closer observer than Allan might have suspected it was distasteful to him. “Will you come and make tea?”
Miss Milroy’s attention appeared to be already pre-engaged; she made no reply. While her father and Allan had been exchanging civilities, she had been putting the nike free 3.0 sale writing-table in order, and examining the various objects scattered on it with the unrestrained curiosity of a spoi cheap nike free run 2 led child. The moment after the major had spoken to her, she discovered a morsel of paper hidden between the leaves of the blotting-book, snatched it up, looked at it, and turned round instantly, with an exclamation of surprise.
“Do my eyes deceive me, papa?” she asked. “Or were you really and truly writing the advertisement when I came in?”
“I had just finished it,” replied her father. “But, my dear, Mr. Armadale is here — we are waiting for breakfast.”
“Mr. Armadale knows all about it,” rejoined Miss Milroy. “I told him in the garden.”
“Oh, yes!” said Allan. “Pray, don’t make a stranger of me, major! If it’s about the governess, I’ve got something (in an indirect sort of way) to do with it too.”
Major Milroy nike free run smiled. Before he could answer, his daughter, who had been reading the advertisement, appealed to him eagerly, for the second time.
“Oh, papa,” she said, “there’s one thing here I don’t li nike free 5.0 v4 ke at all! Why do you put grandmamma’s initials at the end? Why do you tell them to write to grandmamma’s house in London?”
“My dear! your mother can do nothing in this matter, as you know. And as for me (even if I went to London), questioning strange ladies about their characters and accomplishments is the last thing in the world that I am fit to do. Your grandmamma is on the spot; and your grandmamma is the proper person to receive the letters, and to make all the necessary inquires.”
“But I want to see the letters myself,” persisted the spoiled child. “Some of them are sure to be amusing —”
“I don’t apologize for this very unceremonio us reception of you, Mr. Armadale,” said the major, turning to Allan, with a quaint and quiet humor. “It may be useful as a warning, if you ever chance to marry and have a daughter, not to begin, as I have done, by letting her have her own way.”
Allan laughed, and Miss Milroy persisted. ③

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