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im break off the talk somewhat abruptly, that he might enjoy it without interruption. They had not ridden far, before a hollow wind seemed to rise at a distance, and they could hea nike air max 1 grey r the hoarse roarings of the sea. Presently the sky on one side assumed the appearance of a reddish brown, and a sudden angle in the road placed this phenomenon directly before them. As cheap nike air max 1 they proceeded, it became more distinct, and it was at length sufficiently vis nike air max 1 ebay ible that it was occasioned by a fire. Mr. Falkland put spurs to his horse; and, as they approached, the object presented every instant a more alarming appearance. The flames ascended with fierceness; they embraced a large portion of the horizon; and, as they carried up with them numerous little fragments of the materials that fed them, impregnated with fire, and of an extremely bright and luminous colour, they presented some feeble image of the tremendous e nike air max 1 premium ruption of a volcano.
The flames proceeded from a village directly in their road. There were eight or nike air max 1 ten houses already on fire, and the whole seemed to be threatened with immediate destruction. The inhabitants were in the utmost consternation, having had no previous experience of a si cheap air max 1 milar calamity. They conveyed with haste their moveables and furniture into nike air max 1 the adjoining fields. When any of them had effected this as far as it could be attempted with safety, they were unable to conceive any further remedy, but stood wringing their hands, and contemplating the ravages of the fire in an agony of powerless despair nike air max 1 leopard . The water that could be procured, in any mode practised in that place, was but as a drop contending with an element in arms. The wind in the mean time was rising, and the flames spread with more and more rapidity.
Mr. Falkland contemplated this scene for a few moments, as if ruminating with himsel nike air max 1 sale f as to what could be done. He then directed some of the country people about him to pull down a house, next to nike air max 1 black one that was wholly on fire, but which itself was yet untouched. They seemed asto nike air max 1 red nished at a direction which implied a voluntary destruction of property, and considered the task as too much in the heart of the danger to be undertaken. Observing that they were motionless, he dismounted from his horse, and called upon them in an authoritative voice to follow him. He ascended the house in an instant, and presently appeared upon the top of it, as if in the midst of the flames. Having, with the assistance of two or three of the persons that followed him most closely, and who by this time had supplied themselves with whatever tools came next to hand, loosened the support of a stack of chimn air max 1 eys, he pushed them headlong into the midst of the fire. He passed and repassed along the roof; and, having set people to work in all p arts, descended in order to see what could be done in any other quarter. At this cheap air max 1 moment an elderly woman burst from the midst of a house in flames: the utmost consternation was painted in her looks; and, as soon as she could recollect herself enough to have a proper idea of her situation, the subject of her anxiety seemed, in an instant, to be totally changed. “Where is my child?” cried she, and cast an anxious and piercing look among the surrounding crowd.

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