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tily as if the contents were vastly precio nike air max us, he deposited it unopened by the napkin and bowl. Then, with an expression of content Cheap Nike Air Max upon his face, he too took seat, and surrendered himself to expectancy. The lisping of the steam escaping from the pot on the fire was the only sound in the room.
The assurance of the servant was contagious. Uel began to believe the master would come. He was congratulating himself upon the precaution he had taken in leaving a man at the port to conduct him rightly when he heard a shuffling of feet below stairs. He listened startled. There were several men in the company. Steps shook the floor. Uel and Syama arose.
The latter’s countenance flushed with pleasure; giving one triumphal glance at his frie cheap nike air max nd, much as to say, There–did I not tell you so? he walked forward quickly, and reached the head of the steps just as a stranger finish cheap nike air max ed their ascent. In a moment Syama was on his knees, kissing the hand held out to him. nike air max 90 sale Uel needed no prompter–it was the master!
If only on account of the mutuality of affection shown between the two, the meeting was a pleasant sight. That feature, however, was lost to the shopkeeper, who had no thought except of the master’s appearance. He had imagined him modelled after the popular conceptions of kings and warriors–tall, majestic, awe-inspiring. He saw instead a figure rather undersized, slightly stoop-shouldered, thin; at least it seemed so then, hid as it was under a dark brown burnoose of the amplitude affected by Arab sheiks. The head was covered by a woollen handkerchief of reddis nike air max 1 h tint, held by a scarlet cord. The edge of the handkerchief projected over the forehead enough to cast the entire face in shade, leaving to view only a mass of white beard overflowing the breast.
The master ended the nike air max 90 reception at the head of the stairs by gently raising Syama to his feet. Then he subjected the room to a swift inspection, and, in proof of satisfaction, he patted the happy retainer on the shoulder. Invited by the fire, and the assurance of comfort in its glow, he advanced to the brazier, and while extending his hands over it, observed Uel. Without surprise or hesitation he walked to him.
“Son of Jahdai!” he said, offering his hand.
The voice was of exceeding kindness. As an overture to peace and goodwill, it was reenforced by very large eyes, the intense blackness of which was softened by a perceptible glow cheap nike air max trainers of pleasure. Uel was won on the instant. A recollection of the one supreme singularity of the new acquaintance–his immunity from death–recurred to him, and he could not have escaped its effect had he wished. H e was conscious also that the eyes were impressing him. Without distinct thought, certainly without the slightest courtierly design, he obeyed the impulse of the moment, and stooped and touched the extended hand with his lips. And before rising he heard the beginning of further speech:
“I see the truth of my judgment. The family of my ancient friends has trodden the ways of righteousness under the commandments of the Lord until it has become a kind unto itself. I see too my trust has been verified. O Son of Jahdai, you did assist my servant, as I requested, and to your kindness, doubtless, I am indebted for this h nike air max 95 ome full of comforts after a long absence among strangers. I hold you my creditor.”
The tendency nike air max sale of the speech was to relieve Uel of embarrassment.
“Do not thank me,” he answered. “The business was ordinary, Cheap Air Max and strictly within Syama’s capacity. Indeed, the good man could have finished it without my help.”
The master, rich in experience, noticed the deferential manner of the reply, and was agreeably assured on his side.
“Very well. There will be no harm in reserving an opinion,” he said. “The good man, as you call him, is making ready a drink with which he has preceded me from his country, and which you must stay and share, as it is something unknown in the West.”
“Let me first welcome you here,” Uel returned.
“Oh, I saw the welcome in your face. But let us get nearer the fire. The night is chilling. If I were owner of a nike air max classic garden under whatever hill along the Bosphorus, verily I should tremble for my roses.”
Thus b Nike Air Max riefly, and in such simple manner, the wise Mystic put the shopkeeper perfectly at ease.
At the brazier they watched Syama in the operation since become of universal knowledge under title of “drawing tea.” The fragrance of the decoction presently filled the room to the suppression of the incense, and they drank, ate, and were sociable. The host outlined his travels. Uel, in return, gave him information of the city. When the latter departed, it was with a light heart, and an elastic step; the white beard and patriarchal manner of the man had laid his fears, and the future was to him like a cloudless sky.
Afterwhile the master signified a wish to retire; whereupon his household came, as was 2

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