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ans by which she c cheap nike air max 1 ould hope for a change. Emily no sooner saw him, than she turned towards him with an air of greater firmness than perhaps she had ever assumed in her life, and accosted him thus:—
“Well, sir, is it you? I wanted to see you. It seems I am shut up here by your orders. What does this mean? What right have cheap air max 1 you to make a prisoner of me? What do I owe you? Your mother left me a hun nike air max 1 grey dred pounds: have you ever offered to make any addition to my fortune? But, if you had, I do not want it. I do not pretend to be better than the children of other poor parents; I can maintain myself as they do. I prefer liberty to wealth. air max 1 I see you are surprised at the resolution I exert. But ought I not to turn again, when I am trampled upon? I should have left you before now, if Mrs. Jakeman had not over-persuaded me, and if I had not thought better of you than by your present behaviour I find you deserve. But now, sir, I intend to leave your house this moment, and insist upon it, that you do not endeavour to prevent me.”
Thus saying, she nike air max 1 black rose, and went towards the door, while Mr. Tyrrel stood thunderstruck at her magnanimity. Seeing, h nike air max 1 owever, that she was upon the point of being out of the reach of his power, he recovered himself and pulled her back.
“What is in the wind now? Do you think, strumpet; that you shall get the better of me by sheer impudence? Sit down! rest you satisfied!— So you want to know by what right you are here, do you? By the right of possession. This house is mine, and you nike air max 1 leopard are in my power. There is no Mrs. Jakeman now to spirit you away; no, nor no Falkland to bully for you. I have countermined you, damn me! and blown up your schemes. Do you think I will be contradicted and oppos nike air max 1 ebay ed for nothing? When did you ever know any body resist my will without being made to repent? And shall I now be browbeaten by a chitty-faced girl?— nike air max 1 I have not given you a fortune! Damn you! who brought you up? I will make you a bill for clothing nike air max 1 premium and lodging. Do not you know that every creditor has a right to stop his runaway debtor. You may think as you nike air max 1 red please; but here you are till you marry Grimes. Heaven and earth shall not prevent but I will get the better of your obstinacy!”
“Ungenerous, unmerciful man! and so it is enough for you that I have nobody to defend me! But I am not so helpless as you may imagine. You may imprison my body, but you cannot conquer my mind. Marry Mr. Grimes! And is this the way to bring me to your purpose? Every hardship I suffer puts still further distant the end for which I am thus unjustly treated. You are not used to have your will contradicted! When did I nike air max 1 sale ever contradict it? And, in a concern that is so completely my own, sha ll my will go for nothing? Would you lay down this rule for yourself, and suffer no other creatu cheap air max 1 re to take the benefit of it? I want nothing of you: how dare you refuse me the privilege of a reasonable being, to live unmolested in poverty and innocence? What sort of a man do you show yourself, you that lay claim to the respect and applause of every one that knows you?”
The spirited reproaches of Emily had at first the effect to fill Mr. Tyrrel with astonishment, and make him feel abashed and overawe①

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