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rked for Ireland; that, by some accident, they had met with the description of my person as published on t ralph lauren sale he part of Mr. Falkland; and t moncler sale authentic hat, from putting together the circumstances, they had been led to believe that this was the very individual who had lately been in their custody. Indeed it was a piece of infatuation in me, for which I am now unable to account, that, after the various indications which had occurred in that affair, proving to them that I was a man in critical and peculiar circumstances, I should have persisted in wearing the same disguise without the smallest alteration. My escape in the present case was eminently fortunate. If I had not lost my way in consequence of the hail-storm on the preceding cheap moncler sale night, or if I had not so greatly overslept myself this ve moncler sale for kids ry morning, I must almost infallibly have fallen into the hands of these infernal blood-hunters.

The town they had chosen for their next stage, the name of which I had thus caught in the market-place, was the town to which, but for this intimation, I should have immediately proceeded. As it was, I determined to take a road as wide of it as possible. moncler sell In the first place to which I came, in which it was practicable to do so, I bought a great coat, which I drew over my beggar’s weeds, and a better hat. The hat I slouched over my face, and covered one of my eyes with a green-silk shade. The handkerchief, which I had hitherto worn about my head, I now tied about the lower part of my visage, so as to co moncler sale coats ver my mouth. By degrees I discarded every part of my former dress, and wore for my upper garment a kind of carman’s frock, which, being of the better sort, made me look like the son of a reputable farmer of the lower class. Thus equipped, I proceeded on my journey, and, after a thousand alarms, pr moncler jackets ecautions, and circuitous deviations from the direct path, arrived safely in London.

Part 3 Chapter 8

Here then was the termination of an immense series of labours, upon which moncler men sale no man could have looked back without astonishment, or forward without a sentiment bordering on despair. It was at a price which defies estimation that I had purchased this resting-place; whether we consider the efforts it had cost me to escape from the walls of my prison, or the dangers and anxieties to which I had been a prey, from that hour to the present.

But why do I call the point at which I was now arrived at a resting-place? Alas, it was diametrically the reverse! It was my first and immediate business to review all the pro moncler sale womens jackets jects of disguise I had hitherto conceived, to derive every improvement I could invent from the practice to whic moncler sale h I had been subjected, and to manufacture a veil of concealment more impenetrable than ever. This was an effort to which I could see no end. In ordinary cases the hue and cry moncler jacket sale after a supposed offender is a matter of temporary operation; but ordin moncler outlet ary cases formed no standard for the colossal intelligence of Mr. Falkland. For the same reason, London, which appears an inexhaustible reservoir of concealment to the majority of mankind, brought no such consolatory sentiment to my mind. Whether life were worth accepting on such terms I cannot pronounce. I only know that I persisted in this exertion of my faculties, through a sort of parental love that men are accustomed to entertain for their intellectual offspring; the more thought I had expended in rearing it to its present perfection, the less did I find myself dispo moncler sale sed to abandon it. Another motive, not l

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