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“Well,” resu nike free 3.0 review med Allan, nike free run plus “if there’s no harm in her being only a governess, and no harm in her being a little older than I am, what’s the objection to Miss Gwilt?”
“I have nike free run 2 review made no objection.”
“I don’t say you have. But you don’t seem to like the notion of it, for all that.”
There was another pause. Midwinter was the first nike free 5.0 v4 to break the silence this time.
“Are you sure of yourself, Allan?” he asked, with his face bent once more over the book. “Are you really attached to this lady? Have you thought seriously already of asking her to be your wife?”
“I am thinking seriously of it at this moment,” said Allan. “I can’t be happy — I can’t live without her. Upon my soul, I worship the very ground she treads on!”
“How long —” His voice faltered, and he stopped. “How long nike free 3.0 sale ,” he reiterated, “have you worshipped the very ground she treads on?”
“Long nike free review er than you think for. I know I can trust you with all my secrets —”
“Don’t trust me!”
“Nonsense! I will trust you. There is a little difficulty in the way nike free running shoes which I haven’t mentioned yet. It’s a matter of som e delicacy, and I want to consult you about it. Between ourselves, I have had private opportunities with Miss Gwilt —”
Midwinter suddenly started to his feet, and opened the door.
“We’ll talk of this to-morrow,” he said. “Good-night.”
Allan looked round in astonishment. The door was closed again, and he was alone in the room.
“He has never shaken hands with me!” exclaimed Allan, looking bewildered at nike free run 2 the empty chair.
As the words passed his lips the door opened, and Midwinter appeared again.
“We haven’t shaken hands,” he said, abruptly. “God bless you, Allan! We’ll talk of it to-morrow. Good-night.”
Allan stood alone a nike free run 3 t th nike free e window, looking out at the pouring rain. He felt ill at ease, without knowing why. “Midwinter’s ways get stranger and stranger,” he thought. “What nike free run can he mean by puttin nike free trainers uk g me off till to-morrow, when I wanted to speak to him to-night?” He took up his bedroom candle a little impatiently, put it down again, and, walking back to the open window, stood looking out in the direction of the cottage. “I wonder if she’s thinking of me?” he said to himself softly.
She was thin cheap nike free run 2 king of him. She had just opened her desk to write to Mrs. Oldershaw; and her pen had that moment traced the opening line: “Make your mind easy. I have got him!” ③

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