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bserved in such a group. But my astonishment was still increased, when upon a second glance I perceived something in the general air of several of nike air max 1 them, and of one in particular, that persua nike air max 1 red ded me they were the gang from which I had just escaped, and this one nike air max 1 leopard the antagonist by whose animosity I was so near having been finally destroyed. I imagined they had entered the hovel with a hostile intention, that my benefactor was upon the point of being robbed, and I probably murdered.
This suspicion however was soon removed. They addressed my conductor with respect, under the appellation of captain. They were boisterous and noisy in their remarks and exclamations, but their turbulence was tempered by a certain deference to his opinion and authority. I could observe in the person who had been my active opponent some awkward cheap nike air max 1 ness and irresolution as he first perceived me, which he dismissed with a sort of effort, exclaiming, “Who the devil is here?” There was somethin nike air max 1 grey g in the tone of this apostrophe that roused the a cheap air max 1 ttention of my protector. He looked at the speaker with a fixed and penet nike air max 1 premium rating glance, and then said, “Nay, Gines, do you know? Did you ever see the person before?”—“Curse it, Gines!” interrupted a third, “you are damnably out of luck. They say dead men walk, and you see there is some truth in it.”—“Truce with your impertinence, Jeckols!” replied my protector: “this is no proper occasion for a joke. Answer me, Gines, were you the cause of this young man being left naked and wounded this bitter morning upon the forest?”
“Mayhap I was. What then?”
“What provocation could induce you to so cruel a treatment?”
“Provocation enough. He had no money.”
“What, did you use him thus, without so much as being irritated by any resistance on his part?”
“Yes, he did resist. I only nike air max 1 sale hustled him, and he had the impudence to strike me.”
“Gines! you nike air max 1 black are an incorrigible fellow.”
“Pooh, what signifies what I am? You, with y cheap air max 1 our compassion, and your fine feelings, will bring us all to the gallows.”
“I have nothing to say to you; I have no hopes of you! Comrades, it is for you to decide upon the conduct of this man as you think proper. You know how repeated his offences have been; you know what pains I have taken to mend him. Our profession is the profess air max 1 ion of justice.” [It is thus that the prejudices of men universally teach them to colour the most desperate cause to which they have determined to adhere.] “We, who are thieves without a licence, are at open war with another set of men who are thieves according to law. With such a cause then to bear us out, shall we stain it with cruelty, malice, and revenge? A thief is, of course, a man living among his equals; I do not pretend therefore to assume any authority among you; act as you think proper; but, so far as rel ates to myself, I vote that Gines be expelled from among us as a disgrace to our society.”
This proposition seemed to meet the general sense. It was easy to perceive that the opinion of the rest coincided with that of their leader; notwithstanding which a few of them hesitated as to the conduct to be purs nike air max 1 ebay ued. In the mean time Gines muttered something in a surly and irresolute way, about taking care how they provoked him. This insinuation instantly roused the courage of my protector, and his eyes flashed with contempt.
“Rascal!” said he, “do you menace us? Do you think we will be your slaves? No, no, do your worst! Go to the next justice of the peace, and impeach us; I can easily believe you are capable of it. Sir, when we entered into this gang, we were not such fools as not to know that we entered upon a service of danger. One of its dangers consists in the treachery air max 1 sale of fellows like you. But we did not enter at first to flinch now. Did you believe that we would live in

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