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ded with the world nike air max 90 sale shut out. Does it seem to you a vanity of wickedness?“
„No,“ she returned, and covered her face, for the Sheik’s look was eager and burning bright.
He knelt then, and kissed the marble at her feet.
„I am Prince Mahommed’s ambassador, O Princess,“ he said, rising to his knees. „Forgive me, if I have dared delay the announcement.“
„His ambassador! To what end?“
„I am afraid and trembling.“
He kissed the floor again.
„Assure me of pardon–if only to win me back my cour age. It is miserable to be shaken with fear.“
„Thou hast done nothing, Sheik, unless drawing thy master’s portrait too partially b cheap nike air max e an offence. Speak out.“
„It is not three days, Princess, since you were Mahommed’s guest.“
„I his guest–Mahommed’s!“
She arose from her chair.
„He received you at the White Castle.“
„And the Governor?“
„He was the Governor.“
She sunk back overcome with a nike air max 1 stonishment. The Sheik recalled her directly.
„Prince Mahommed,“ he said, „arrived at the Castle when the boats were discovered, and hastened to the landing to render assistance if the peril required it…. And now, O Princess, my tongue falters. How can I without offending tell of the excitement into which seeing you plunged him? Suffer me to be direct. His first impression was supported by the coincidences–your coming and his, so nearly at the same instant–the place of the meeting so out of cheap nike online the way and strange–the storm seemingly an urgency of Heaven. Beholding an cheap nike shoes d hearing you, ‚This is she! This is she! My Queen, my Malkatoon!‘ he cried in his heart. And yesterday“–
„Nay, Sheik, allow the explanation to wait. Bearest thou a message from him to me?“
„He bade me salute thee, Princess Irene, as if thou wert now the Lady of his House of Love in his Garden of Perfection, and to pray if he might come and in person kiss thy hand, and tell thee his cheap nike air max hopes, and pour out at thy feet his love in heartfuls larger than ever woman had from man.“
While speaking, the Sheik would have given his birthright to have seen her face.
Then, in a low voice, she asked:
„Does he doubt I am a Christian?“
The tone was not of anger; with beatings of heart trebly quickened, he hastened to reply:
„‚That she is a Christian‘–may God abandon my mouth, if I quote him unfaithfully!–‚That she is a Christian, I love her the more. For see you, S nike air max sale heik‘–by the faith of an Arab, Princess, I quote him yet, word for word–‚my mother was a Christian.'“
In the morning of this very day we have seen her put to like question by Constantine, and she did not hesitate; now the reply took a time.
„Say to Prince Mahommed,“ she at length returned, „that his message presents itself honorably, for which it is deserving a soft answer. His fancy has played him false. I cannot be the woman of his dream. She is young; I am old, though not with years. She is gay; I am serious. She is in love with life, hopeful, joyous; I was born to sorrow, and in sorrow brought up, and nike air max the religion which absorbed my youth is now life’s hold on me. She will be delighted with the splendors he has in store for her; so might I, had not the wise man long since caught my ear and judgment by the awful text, Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. While her charms endure she will keep him charmed with the world; I could not so much, for the world to come has possession of me, and the days here are but so many of a jour nike air max 95 ney thither. Tell him, O Sheik, while he has been dreaming of palaces and gardens in riv cheap nike air max alry of Abderrahman the Kaliph, I have been dreaming of a house in splendor beyond the conception of architects; and asks he more about it, tell him I know it only as a house not made with hands. Tell him I speak not in denial of possibilities; for by the love I have never failed to accord the good and noble, I might bend my s cheap nike air max trainers oul to his; to this hour, however, God and His Son the Christ, and the Holy Mother, and the Angels and deserving men and women have taken up my heart and imagination, and in serving them I have not aspired to other happiness. A wife I might become, not from temptation of gain or power, or in surrender to love–I speak not in derision of the passion, since, like the admitted virtues, it is from God–nay, Sheik, in illustration of what may otherwise be of uncertain meaning to him, tell Prince Mahommed I might become his wife could I by so doing save or help the religion I profess. Then, if I brought him love, the sacrifice would rescue it from every taint. Canst thou remember all this? And wilt thou deliver it truly?“
The Sheik’s demeanor when she ended was greatly changed; his head was quite upon his breast; his attitude and nike air max classic whole appearance were disconsolate to the last degree.
„Alas, Princess! How can I carry such speech to him, whose soul is consuming with hunger and thirst for thy favor?“
„Sheik,“ she said in pity, „no master, I think, had ever a more faithful servant than thou hast proved thyself. Thy delivery of his message, could it be preserved, would be a model for heralds in the future.“
Thereupon she arose, extended her hand to him, and he kissed it; and as she remained standing, he arose also.
„Be seated,“ she then said, and immediately that they were both in their chairs again, she took direction of the interview.
„You asked me, Sheik, if I had heard how Othman wooed and won his Malkatoon, and said it was a Turkish romance. The Othman, I take it, was founder of Prince Mahommed’s house. Now, if thou art not too weary, tell me the s nike air max 90 tory.“
As the recital afforded him the opportunities to give poetic expression to his present feeling, he accepted the suggestion gladly, and, being in the right mood, was singularly effective. Half the time liste2

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