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“Good heavens! what has come to you!” he exclaimed, shrinking back from the tortured face before him, as he stopped and looked close at it for the first time.
For the moment, Midwinter was incapa cheap air max 1 ble of answering. The hysterical pa nike air max 1 leopard roxysm was passing from one extreme to the other. He leaned against a tree, sobbing and gasping for breath, and stretched out his hand in mute entreaty to Allan to give him time.
“You had better not have nursed me through my fever,” he said, faintly, as soon as he could speak. nike air max 1 premium “I’m mad and miserable, Allan; I have never recovered it. Go back and ask them to forgive me; I am ashamed to go and ask them myself. I can’t tell how it hap cheap nike air max 1 pened; I can only ask your pa nike air max 1 red rdon and theirs.” He turned aside his head quickly so as to conceal his face. “Don’t stop here,” he said; “don’t look at me; I shall soon get over it.” Allan still hesitated, and begged hard to be allowed to take him bac nike air max 1 ebay k to the house. It was useless. “You break my heart with your kindness,” he burst out, passionately. “For God’ cheap air max 1 s sake, leave me by my self!”
Allan went back to she cottage, and pleaded there for indulgence to Midwinter, with an earnestness and simplicity which raised him immensely in the major’s estimation, but which totally failed to produce the same favorable impression on Miss Milroy. Little as she herself suspected it, she was fond enough of Allan already to be jealous of Allan’s friend.
“How excessively absurd!” she thought, pettishly. “As if either papa or I considered such a person of the slightest co nike air max 1 nsequence!”
“Yo nike air max 1 sale u will kindly suspend your opinion, won’t you, Major Milroy?” said Allan, in his hearty way, at parting.
“With the greatest pleasure! “ replied the major, cordially shaking hands.
“And you, too, Miss Milroy?” added Allan.
Miss Milroy made a mercilessly formal bow. “My opinion, Mr. Armadale, is not of the slightest consequence.”
Allan left the cottage, sorely puzzled to account for Miss Milroy’s sudden coolness toward him. His grand idea of conciliating the whole neighborhood by becoming a married man underwent some modification as he closed the garden gate behind him. The virtue called Prudence and the Squire of Thorpe Ambrose b nike air max 1 ecame personally acquainted with each other, on this occasion, for the first time; and Allan, entering headlong as usual on the high-road to moral improvement, actually decided on d nike air max 1 grey oing nothing in a hurry!
A man who is entering on a course of reformation ought, if virtue is its own reward, to air max 1 be a man engaged in an essentially inspiriting pursuit. But virtue is not always its own nike air max 1 black reward; and the way that leads to reformation is remarkably ill-lighted for so respectable a thoroughfare. Allan seemed to have caught the infection of his friend’s despondency. As he walked home, he, too, began to doubt — in his widely different way, and for his widely different reasons — whether the life at Thorpe Ambrose was promising quite as fairly for the future as it had promised at first.
Part 2 Chapter 7 The Plot Thickens ③

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