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been taken. Poor Dr. Trefoil is not long for this world, my lord.”
“I suppose not — I suppose not.”
“Oh, no; indeed, his best friends could not wish that he should outlive such a shock, for his intellects cannot possibly survive it.”
“Poor man! Poor man!” said the bishop.
“It will naturally be a matter of much moment to your lordship who is to succeed him,” said Mr. Slope. “It would be a great thing if you could sec nike air max 95 ure the appointment for some person of your own way of thinking on impor cheap nike air max tant points. The party hostile to us are cheap air max very strong here in Barchester — much too strong.”
“Yes, yes. If poor Dr. Trefoil is to go, it will be a great thing to get a good man in his place.”
“It will be everything to your lordship to get a man on whose co-operation you can reckon. Only think what trouble we might have if Dr. Grantly, or Dr. Hyandry, or any of that way of thinking were to get it.”
“It is not very probable that Lord —— will give it to any of that scho ol; why should he?”
“No. Not probable; certainly not; but it’s possible. Great interest will probably be made. If I might venture to advise your lordship, I would suggest that you should discuss the matter with his grace next week. I have no doubt that your wishes, if made known and backed by his grace, would be paramount with Lord ——.”
“Well, I don’t know that nike air max ; Lord —— has always been very kind nike air max 90 sale to me, very kind. But I am unwilling to interfere in such matters unless asked. And indeed if asked, I don’t know whom, at this moment, I should recommend.”
Mr. Slope, even Mr. Slope, felt at the present rather abashed. He hardly knew how to frame his little request in language sufficiently modest. He had recognized and acknowledged to himself the necessity of shocking the bishop in the first instance by the temerity of his application, and his difficulty was how best to remedy that by his adroitness and eloquence. “I doubted myself,” said he, “whether your lordship would have anyone immediately in your eye, and it is on this account that I venture to submit to you an idea that I ha cheap nike air max trainers ve been turning over in my own mind. If poor Dr. Trefoil must go, I really do not see why, with your lords nike air max hip’s assistance, I should no nike air max 90 t hold the preferment myself.”
“You!” exclaimed the bishop in a manner that Mr. Slope could hardly have considered complimentary.
The ice was now broken, and Mr. Slope became fluent enough. “I have been thinking of looking for it. If your lordship will press the matter on the archbishop, I do not doubt but I shall succeed. You see I shall be the first to move, which is a great nike air max 1 matter. Then I can count upon assistance from the public press: my name is known, I may say, somewhat favourably known, to that portion of the press which is now most influential with the government; and I have friends also in the government. But nevertheless it is to you, my lord, that I look for assistance. It is from your hands that I would most willingly receive the benefit. And, which should ever be the chief consid cheap nike air max eration in such matters, you must know better than any other person whatsoever what qualifications I possess.”
The bishop sat for awhile dumbfounded. Mr. Slope Dean of Barchester! The idea of such a transformation of character would never have occurred to his own unaided intellect. At first he went on thinking why, for what reasons, on what account, Mr. Slope should be Dean of Barchester. But by degrees the direction of his thoughts changed, and he began to think why, for what reasons, on what account, Mr. Slope should not be Dean of Barchester. As far as he himself, the bishop, was concerned, he could well nike air max classic spare the services of his chaplain. That little idea of using Mr. Slope as a counterpoise to his wife had well nigh evaporated. He had all but acknowledged the futility of the scheme. If indeed he could have slept in his chaplain’s bedroom instead of his wife’s, there might have been something in it. But —. And thus as Mr. Slope was speaking, the bishop began to recognize the idea that that gentleman might nike air max sale become Dean of Barchester wi cheap nike air max thout impropriety — not moved, indeed, by Mr. Slope’s eloquence, for he did not follow the tenor of his speech, but led thereto by his own cogitations.
“I need not say,” continued Mr. Slope, “that it would be my chief desire to act in all matters connected with the 8

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