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‘t in it, and Claud Walsingham Popple’s in it. But he ain’t nearly AS in it,” she continued judicially, “as Ralph Marvell–the little fellow, as you call him.”
Undine Spragg, at the word, swept round on the speaker with one of the quick turns that revealed her youthful flexibility. She was always doubling and twisting on herself, and every movement she made seemed to start at the nape of her neck, just below the lifted roll of reddish-gold hair, and flow without a break through her whole slim length to th cheap ghd wide plate straighteners e tips of her fingers and the points of her slender restless feet.
“Why, do you know the Marvells? Are THEY stylish?” she asked.
Mrs. Heeny gave the discouraged gesture cheap ghd air of a pedagogue who has vainly striven to implant the rudiments of knowledge in a rebellious mind.
“Why, Undine Spragg, I’ve told you all about them time and again! His mother was a Dagonet. They live with old Urban Dagonet down in Washington Square.”
To Mrs. Spragg this conveyed even less than to her daughter, “‘way down there? Why do they live with som ebody else? Haven’t they got the means to have a home of their own?”
Undine’s perceptions were more rapid, and she fixed her eyes searchingly on Mrs. Heeny.
“Do you mean to say Mr. Marvell’s as swell as Mr. Popple?”
“As swell? Why, Claud Walsingham Popple ain’t in the same class with him!”
The girl was up heap ghd hair straighteners uk on her mother with a spring, snatching and smoothing out the crumpled note.
“Laura Fairford–is that the sist cheap ghd flat iron er’s name?”
“Mrs. Henley cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery Fairford; yes. What does she write about?”
Undine’s face lit up as if a shaft of sunset had struck it through the triple-curtained windows of the Stentorian.
“She says she wants me to dine with her next Wednesday. Isn’t it queer? Why does SHE want me? She’s never seen me!” Her tone implied that she had long been accustomed to being “wanted” by those who had.
Mrs. Heeny laughed. “HE saw you, didn’t he?”
“Who? Ralph Marvell? Why, of course he did–Mr. Popple brought him to the party here last night.”
“Well, there you are… When a young man in society wants to meet a girl again, he gets his sister to ask her.”
Undine stared at her incredulously. “How queer! But they haven’t all got sisters Cheap ghds , have they? It must be fearfully poky for the ones that h cheap ghd straighteners aven’t.”
“They get their mothers–or their married f Cheap GHD Straighteners riends,” said Mrs. Heeny omnisciently.
“Married gentlemen?” enquired Mrs. Spragg, slightly shocked, but genuinely desirous of mastering her lesson.
“Mercy, no! Married ladies.”
“But are there never any gentlemen present?” pursued Mrs. Spragg, feeling that if this were the case Undine would certainly be disappointed.
“Present where? At their dinners? Of course–Mrs. Fairford gives the smartest little dinners in town. There was an account of one she gave last week in this morning’s TOWN TALK: I guess it’s right here among my clippings.” Mrs. Heeny, swooping down on her bag, drew from it a handful of newspaper cuttings, w cheap ghd straighteners £50 hich she spread on her ample lap and proceeded to sort with a moistened forefinger. “Here,” s cheap ghds he said, holding one of the slips at arm’s length; and throwing back her head she read, in a slow unpunctuated ch ghd outlet ant: ‘”Mrs. Henley Fairford gave another of her natty little dinners last Wednesday as usual it was smart small and exclusive and there was much gnashing of teeth among the left-outs a ghd straighteners s Madame Olga Loukowska gave some of her new steppe dances after dinner’–that’s the French for new dance steps,” Mrs. Heeny conc ghd straighteners luded, ①

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