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chly dressed, and silently eating their way through a bill-of-fare which seemed to have ransacked the globe for gastr cheap jimmy choo onomic incompatibilities; and in the middle of the room a knot of equally pallid waiters, engaged in languid conversation, turned their backs by common consent on the persons they were supposed to serve.
Undine, who rose too late to share the family breakfast, usually had her chocolate brought to her in bed by Celeste, after the manner described in the articles on “A Society Woman’s Day” which were appearing in Boudoir Chat. Her mere appearance in the restaurant therefore prepared her parents for those symptoms of excessive tension which a nearer inspection confirmed, and Mr. Spragg folded jimmy choo wedding shoes his paper and hooked his glasses to his waistcoat with the air of a man who prefers to know the worst and have it over.
“An jimmy choo opera box!” faltered Mrs. Spragg, pushing aside the bananas and cream with which she had been trying to temp jimmy choo sale t an appetite too languid for fried liver or crab mayonnaise.
“A parterre box,” Undine corrected, ignoring the exclamation, and continuing to address her christian louboutin self to her father. “Friday’s the stylish night, and that new tenor’s going to sing again in ‘Cavale jimmy choo bridal eria,'” she condescended to explain.
“That so?” Mr. Spragg thrust his hands into his waistcoat pockets, and began to tilt his chair till he remembered there was no wall to meet it. He regained his balance and said: “Wouldn’t a couple of good orchestra seats do you?”
“No; they wouldn’t,” Undine answered with a darkening brow. He looked at her http://www.jimmychooshoesr.co.uk/ humorously. “You invited the whole dinner-party, I suppose?”
“No–no one.”
“Going all alone in a box?” She was disdainfully silent. “I don’t s’pose you’re thinking of taking mother and me?”
This was so obviously comic that they all jimmy choo shoes h&m laughed–even Mrs. Spragg–and Undine went on more mildly: “I want to do something for Mabel Lipscomb: make some return. She’s always taking me ’round, jimmy choo h&m and I’ve never done a thing for her–not a single th jimmy choo sale ing.”
This appeal to the national belief in the duty of reciprocal “treating” could not fail of its effect, and Mrs. Spragg murmured: “She never HAS, Abner,”–but Mr. Spragg’s brow remained unrelenting.
“Do you know what a box costs?”
“No; but I s’pose you do,” Undine returned with unconscious flippancy.
“I do. That’s the trouble. WHY won’t seats do you?”
“Mabel could buy seats for herself. jimmy choo shoes
“That’s so,” interpolated Mrs. Spragg–always the first to succumb to her daughter’s arguments.
“Well, I guess I can’t buy a box for her.”
Undine’s face gloomed more deeply. Sh jimmy choo outlet e sat silent, her chocolate thickening in the cup, while one hand, almost as much beringed as her mother’s, drummed on the crumpled table-cloth.
“We might as well go straight back to Apex,” she breathed at last between her teeth.
Mrs. Spragg cast a frightened glance at her husband. These struggles between two resolute wills always brought on her palpit jimmy choo outlet ations, and she wished she had her phial of digitalis with h jimmy choo handbags er.
“A parterre box costs a hundred and twenty-five dollars a night,” said Mr. Spragg, transferring a toothpick to his ①

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