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sister and nieces, Mary Bold ran out an cheap air max 1 d exclaimed:
“Oh, Eleanor, have you heard? Oh, Mrs. G nike air max 1 grey rantly, have you heard what has happened? The poor dean!”
“Good heavens!” said Mrs. Grantly. “What — what has happened?”
“This morning at nine he had a fit of apoplexy, and he has not spoken since. I very much fear that by this time he is no more.”
Mrs. Grantly had been very intimate with the dean, and was therefore much shocked. Eleanor had not known him so well; nevertheless, she was sufficiently acquainted with his person and manners to feel startled and grieved also at the tidings she now received. “I will go at once to the deanery,” said Mrs. Grantly; “the ar nike air max 1 red chdeacon, I am sure, will be there. If there is any news to send you, I will let Thomas call before he leaves town.” And so the carriage drove off, leaving Eleanor and her baby with Mary Bold.
Mrs. Grantly had been quite right. The archdeacon was at the deaner Air Max 1 y. He had come into Barchester that morning by himself, not caring to intrude himself upon Eleanor, and he als nike air max 1 leopard o immediately on his arrival had heard of t nike air max 1 black he dean’s fit. There was, as we have before said, a library or reading-room connecting the cathedral with the dean’s house. This was generally called the bishop’s library, because a certain bishop of Barchester was supposed to have added it to the cathedral. It was built immediately over a portion of the cloisters, and a flight of stairs descended from it into the room in which the cathedral clergymen put their surplices on and off. As it also opened directly into the dean’s house, it was the passage through which that dignitary usually went to his public devotions. Who had or had not the right air max 1 leopard print of entry into it, it might be difficult to say, but the people of Barchester believed that it belonged to the dean and the clergymen of Barchester believed that it belonged to the chapter.
On the morning in question most of the r nike air max 1 esident clergymen who constituted the chapter, and some few others, were here assembled, and among them as usual the archdeacon towered with high authority. He had heard of the dean’s fit before he was over the bridge which nike air max 1 ebay led into the town and had at once come to the well-known clerical trysting place. He had been there by eleven o’clock and had remained ever since. From time to time the medical men who had been called in came through from the deanery into the library, uttered little bulletins, and then returned. There was, it appears, very little hope of the old man’s rallying, indeed no hope of anything like a final recovery. The only question was whether he must die at once speechless, unconscious, stricken to death by his first heavy fit, or whether by due aid of medical skill he might not be so far brought back t cheap nike air max 1 o this world as to become conscious of his state and enabled to address one prayer to his Maker before he was called to meet Him face to face at the judgement seat.
Sir Omicron Pie had been sent for from London. That great man had shown himself a wonderful adept at keeping life still moving within an ol d man’s heart in the case of good old Bishop Grantly, and it might be reasonably expected that he would be equally successful with a dean. In the meantime Dr. Fillgrave and Mr. Rerechild were doing their best, and poor Miss Trefoil sat at the head of her father’s bed, longing, as in such cases daughters do long, to be allowed to do something to show her love — if it were only to chafe his feet with her hands, or wait in menial offices on those autocratic doctors — anything so that now in the time of need she might be of u cheap air max 1 se.
The archdeacon alone of the attendant clergy had been admitted for a moment into the sick man’s chamber. He had crept in with creaking shoes, had said with smothered voice a word of consolation to the sorrowing daughter, had looked on the distorted face of his old friend with solemn but yet eager scrutinising eye, as though he said in his heart “and so some day it will probably be with me,” and then, having whispered an unmeaning word or two to the doctor nike air max 1 sale s, had creaked his way back again into the library.
“He’ll never speak again, I fear,” said the archdeacon as he noiselessly closed the door, as though the unconscious dying man, from whom all sense had fled, would have heard in his distant chamber the spring of the lock which was now so carefully handled.
“Indeed! Indeed! Is he so bad?” said the meagre little prebe nike air max 1 premium ndary, turning over in his own mind all the probable candidates for the deanery and wondering whether the archdeacon would think it worth his while to accept it. “The fit must have been very violent.”
‘When a man over seventy has a stroke of apoplexy, it seldom comes very lightly,” said the burly chancellor.
“He was an excellent, sweet-tempered man,” said one of the vicars choral. “Heaven knows how we shall repair his loss.”
“He was indeed,” said a minor canon, “and a great blessing to all those privileged to take a share in the services of our cathedral. I suppose the government will appoint, Mr. Archdeacon. I trust we may have no stranger.”
“We will not talk about his successor,” said the archdeacon, “while there is yet hope.”8

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