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t its Christ! … Ho, brethren! Shame on us that we are guests in common with this fiend in cunning! We are not hosts to bid him begone; yet we can ourselves begone. Follow me, O lovers of Ch moncler sale rist and the Church! To your tents, O Israel!”
The speaker’s face was purple with passion; his voice filled the chamber; many of the monks broke from their seats and rushed howling and blindly eager to get nearer him. The Patriarch sat ashy white, helplessly crossing himself. Constantine excellently and rapidly judgi Moncler Outlet ng what became him as Emperor and host, sent four armed officers to protect the Prince, who held his appointed place apparently surprised but really interested in the scene–to him it was an exhibition of unreasoning human nature replying to an old-fashioned impulse of bigotry.
Hardly were the guards by the table, when Gennadius rushed past going to the door, the schismatics at his heels in a panic. The pulling and hauling, the hurry-skurry of the mad exit must be left to the imagination. It was great enough t ralph lauren sale o frighten thoroughly the attendants of the Princess Irene. Directly there remained in the chamber with His Majesty, the attaches of the court, the Patriarch and his adherents. Then Constantine quietly asked:
“Where is Duke Notaras?”
There was much looking around, but no response.
The countenance of the monarch was observed to change, but still mindful, he bade the Dean conduct the Prince to him.
“Be not alarmed, Prince. My people are quick of temper, and sometimes they act hastily. If you have more to say, we are of a mind moncler men sale to hear you to the end.”
The Prince could not but admire the composure of his august host. After a low reverence, he returned:
“Perhaps I tried the reverend Fathers unreasonably; yet it would be a much greater grief to me if their impatience extended to Your Majesty. I was not alarmed; neither have I a moncler sell ught to add to my discourse, unless it pleases you to ask of anything in it which may have been left obscure or u moncler sale for kids ncertain.”
Constantine signed to the Patriarch and all present to draw nearer.
“Good Dean, a chair for His Serenity.”
In a short time the space in front of the dais was occupied.
“I understand the Prince of India has submitted to us a proposal looking to a reform of our religion,” His Majesty said, to the Patriarch; “and courtesy requiring an answer, the violence to which we have just been subjected, and the spirit of insubordination manifested, make it imperative that you listen to what I now return him, and with attention, lest a misquotation or false report lead to further trouble…. Prince,” he continued, “I think I comprehend you. The world is sadly divided with respect to religion, and out of its divisio moncler sale womens jackets ns have proceeded the mischiefs to which you have referred. Your project is not to he despised. It reminds me of th moncler jackets e song, the sweetest ear ever listened to–‘Peace and good will toward men.’ Its adoption, nevertheless, is another matter. I have not power to alter the worship of my empire. Our present Creed was a conclusion reached by a Council too famous in history not to be conspicuously within your knowledge. Every word of it is infinitely sacred. It fixed the relations between God the Father, Christ the Son, and men to my satisfaction, and that of my subjects. Serenity, do thou say if I may apply the remark to the Church.”
“Your Majesty,” the Patriarch replied, “the Holy Greek Church can never consent to omit the Lord Jesus Christ from its worship. You have spoken well, and it had been better if the brethren had remai moncler sale authentic ned to hear you.”
“Thanks, O most venerated–thanks,” said the Emperor, inclining his head. “A council having establi shed the creed of the Church,” he resumed, to the Prince of India, “the creed is above change to the extent of a letter except by another council solemnly and authoritatively convoked. Wherefore, O Prince, I admit myself wiser of the views you have presented; I admit having been greatly entertained by your eloquence and rhetoric; and I promise myself further happiness and profit in drawing upon the stores of knowledge with which you appear so amply provided, results doubtless of your study and travel–yet you have my answer.”
The faculty of retiring his thoughts and feelings deeper in his heart as occasion demanded, was never of greater service to the Prince than now; he bowed, and asked if he had permission to retire; and receiving it, he made the usual prostrations, and began moving backwards.
“A moment, Prince,” said Con moncler jacket sale stantine. “I hope your residence is permanently fixed in our capital.”
“Your Majesty is very gracious, and I thank you. If I leave the city, it will be to return again, and speedily.”
At the door of the palace the Prince found an escort waiting for him, and taking his chair, he departed from Blacherne.
Part 4 Chapter 17 Lael And The Sword Of Solomon
Alone in his house, the Prince of India was unhappy, but not, as the reader may hurriedly conclude, on account of the rejection by the Christians of his proposal looking to brotherhood in the bonds of religion. He was a trifle sore over the failure, but not disappointed. A reasonable man, and, what times his temper left him liberty to think, a philosopher, he could not hope after the observations he brought from Mecca to find the followers of the Nazarene more relaxed in their f cheap moncler sale aith than the adherents of Mahomet. In short, he had gone to the palace warned of what would happen.
It was not an easy thing for him to fold up his grand design preparatory to putting it away forever; still there was no choice left him; and now he would move for vengeance. Away with hesitati moncler sale on.
Descending the heights of Blacherne, he had felt pity for Constantine who, though severely tried in the day’s affair, had borne himself with dignity throughout; but it was Mahommed’s hour. Welcome Mahommed!
Between the two, the Prince’s predilections were all for the Turk, and they had been from the meeting at the White Castle. Besides personal accomplishments and military prestige, besides youth, itself a mighty preponderant, there was the other argument–separating Mahommed from the strongest power in the world, there stood only moncler sale coats an ancient whose death was a daily expectation. “What opportunities the young man will have to offer me! I have but to make the most of his ambition–to loan myself to it–to direct it.”
Thus the Seer reasoned, returning from Blacherne to his house.
At the door, however, he made a discovery. There the first time during the day he thought of her in all things the image of the Lael whom he had buried under the great stone in front of the Golden Gate at Jerusalem. We drop a grain in the ground, and asking nothing of us but to be let alone, it grows, and flowers, and at length amazes us with fruit. Such had been the outcome of his adoption

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