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ked down the stairs half repenting the withdrawal of his prohibition.
“Be nike air max 90 sale it so,” he said, crossing the street. “The confinement might be hurtful. Only go seldom as you can; then cheap nike air max trainers be sure you return before sunset, and that you take and keep the most public streets. That is all now.”
“Yo Nike Air Max u are so good to me!” she said, putting her arm round his neck, and kissing him. “I will try and stay in the house. Come back early. Farewell.”
Next day about noon the Prince of India took the galley, and set out for Plati.
The day succeeding his departure was long with Lael. She occupied herself with her g air max 90 overness, however, and did a number of little tasks such as women always have in reserve for a more convenient season.
The second day was much more tedious. The forenoon was her usual time for recitations to the Prince; she also read with him then, and practised talking some of the many languages of which he was master. That part of the day she accordingly whiled through struggling with her books.
She was earnest in the attempt at study; but naturally, the circumstances considered, she dropped into thinking of the palace and galley. W cheap nike air max hat a delightful glorious existence they prefigured! And it was not a dream! Her father, the Prince of India, as she proudly and affectionately called him, did not deal in idle promises, but did what he said. And besides being a master of design in many branches of art, he had an amazing facu cheap nike air max lty of describing the things he designed. That is saying he had the mind’s eye to see his conceptions precisely as they would appear in finished state. So in talking his subjects always seemed before him for portraiture. One can readily perceive the capacity he must have had for making the unreal appear real to a listener, and also how he could lead Lael, her hand in his, through a house more princely than anything of the kind in Constantinople, and on board a ship such as never sailed unless on a painted ocean–a house like the Taj Mahal, a vessel like that whi nike air max sale ch burned on the Cydnus. She decided what notable city by the sea she wanted most to look at next, and in naming them over, smiled at her own indecision.
The giving herself to such fancies was exactly what the Prince intended; only he was to be the central figure t hroughout. Whether in the palace or on the ship, she was to think of him alone, and always as the author of the splendor and the happiness. Of almost any other person we would speak compassionately; but he had lived long enough to know better than dream so childishly–long enough at least to know there is a law for everything except the vagaries of a girl scarcely sixteen.
After all, however, if his scheme was purely selfish, perhaps it may be pleasing to the philosophers who insist that relations cannot exist without carrying along with them their own balance of compensations, to hear how Lael filled the regal pro nike air max classic spect set before her with visions in which Sergius, young, fair, tall and beautiful, was the hero, and the Prince only a paternal contributor. If the latter led her by the hand here and there, Sergius went with nike air max 1 them so close behind she could hear his feet along the marble, and in the voyages she took, he was always a passenger.
The trial of the third day proved too much for the priso cheap nike air max 90 ner. The weather was delightfully clear and warm, and in the afternoon she fell to thinking of the promenade on the wall by the Bucoleon, and of the waftures over the Sea from the Asian Olympus. They were sweet in her remembrance, and the longing for them was stronger of a hope the presence of which she scarcely admitted to herself–a hope of meeting Sergius. She wanted to ask him if the bear-tender at the fete could have been the Greek. Often as she thought of that odious creature with her fan, she blushed, and feared Sergius might seriously mis nike air max 90 understand her.
About three o’clock she ordered her chair brought to father Uel’s door at exactly four, h nike air max 95 aving first dutifully run over the conditions the Prince had imposed upon her. Uel was too busy to be her escort. Syama, if he went, would be no protection; but she would retu nike air max rn early. To be certain, she made a calculation. It would take about half an hour to get to the wall; the sun would set soon after seven; by starting home at six she could have fully an hour and a half for the airing, which meant a possible hour and a half with Sergius.
At four o’clock the sedan was set down before the merchant’s house, and, for a reason presently apparent, the reader to whom vehicles of the kind are unfamiliar is advised to acquaint himself somewhat thoroughly with them. In idea, as heretofore observed, this one was a box constructed with a seat for a single

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