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moment. “If you have nothing further to say, I shall be obliged by being permitted to say good night — I am very tired.”
Dr. Grantly had, as he thought, done his best to be gracious to his sister-inlaw. He ha nike tns d endeavoured not to be harsh to her and had striven to pluck the sting from his rebuke. But he did not intend that she should leave him without hearing him.
“I have something to say, Eleanor, and I fear I must trouble you to hear it. You profess that it is quite proper that you should receive from Mr. Slope such letters as that you have in your hand. Susan and I think very differently. You are, of course, your own mistress, and much as we both must grieve should a nything separate you from us, we have no power nike air max sale to prevent you from taking steps which may lead to such a separation. If you are so wilful as to reject the counsel of your friends, you must be allowed to cater for yourself. But, Eleanor, I may at any rate ask you this. Is it worth your while to break away from all those you have loved — from all who love you — for the sake of Mr. Slope?”
“I don’t know what you mean, Dr. Grantly; I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t want to break away from anybody.”
“But you will do so if you connect yourself with Mr. Slope. Eleanor, I must speak out to you. You must choose between your sister and myself and our friends, and Mr. Slope and his friends. I say nothing of your father, as you may probably understand his feelings better than I do.”
“What do you mean, Dr. Grantly? What am I to understand? I never heard such wicked pr nike air max 95 ejudice in my life.”
“It is no prejudice, Eleanor. I have k cheap nike air max nown the world longer than you have done. Mr. Slope is altogether beneath you. You ought to know and feel that he is so. Pray — pray think of this before it is too late.”
“Too late!”
“Or if you will not believe me, ask Susan; you cannot think she is prejudiced against you. Or even consult your father — he is not prejudiced against you. Ask Mr. Arabin —”
“You haven’t spoken to Mr. Arabin about this!” said she, jumping up and standing before him.
“Eleanor, all the world in and about Barchester will be speaking of it soon.”
“But have you spoken to Mr. Arabin about me and Mr. Slope?”
“Certainly I have, and he quite agrees with me.”
“Agrees with what?” said she. “I think you are trying to drive me mad.”
“He agrees with me and Susan that it is quite impossible you shoul nike air max 90 d be received at Plumstead as Mrs. Slope.”
Not being favourites with the tragic muse, we do not dare to attempt any description of Eleanor’s face when she first heard the name of Mrs. Slope pronounced as that which would or should or might at some time appertain to hers nike air max 90 sale elf. The look, such as it was, Dr. Grantly did not soon forget. For a moment or two she could find n nike air max classic o words to express her deep anger and deep disgust; indeed, at this conjuncture, words did not come to her very freely.
“How dare you be so impertinent?” at last she said, and then she hurried out of the room without giving the archdeacon the opportunity of uttering another word. It was with difficulty she containe Cheap Nike TN d herself till she reached her own room, and then, cheap nike air max trainers locking the door, she threw herself on her bed and sobbed as though her heart would break.
But even yet she had no conception of the truth. She had no idea that her father and her sister had for days past conceived in sober earnest the idea that she was going to marry this man. She did not even then believe that the archdeacon thought that she would do so. By some manoeuvre of her brain she attributed the origin of the accusation to Mr. Arabin, and as she did so her anger against him was excessive, and the vexation of her spirit almost unendurable. She could not bring herself to think that the charge was made seriously. It appeared to her most probable that the archdeacon and Mr. Arabin had talked over her objectionable acquaint Nike TN ance with Mr. Slope; that Mr. Arabin in his nike air max jeering, sarcastic way had suggested the odious match as being the severest way of treating with contumely her acquaintance with his enemy; and that the archdeacon, taking the idea from him, thought proper to punish her by the allusion. The whole night she lay awake thinking of what had been said, and this appeared to be the most probable solution.
But the reflexion that Mr. Arabin should have in any way mentioned her name in connexion with that of Mr. Slope was overpowering, and the spiteful ill-nature of the archdeacon in repeating the charge to her made her wish to leave his house almost before the day had broken. One thing was certain: nothing should make her stay there beyond the following morning, and nothing should make her sit down to breakfast in company with Dr. Grantly. When she thought of the man whose name had cheap nike air max been linked with her own, she cried from sheer disgust. It was only because she would be thus disgusted, thus pained and shocked and cut to the quick, that the archdeacon had spoken the horrid word. He wanted to make her quarrel with Mr. Slope, and therefore he had outraged her by his abominable vulgarity. She determined that at any rate he should know that she appreciated it.
Nor was the archdeacon a bit better satisfied with the result of his serious interview than was Eleanor. He gathered from it, as indeed he could hardly fail to do, that she was very angry with him, but he thought that she was thus angry, not because she was suspected of an intention to marry Mr. Slope, but because such an intention was imputed to her as a crime. Dr. Grantly regarded this supposed union with disgust, but it never occurred to him that E nike air max 1 leanor was outraged because she looked at it exactly in the same light.
He returned to his wife, vexed and8

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