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r.] His interest, the reader will bear reminding, was peculiar. He had been honored by a special invitation to become a member of the Academy–in fact, there was a seat in the Temple at the moment reserved for him. He had the great advantage, moreover, of exact knowledge of the objects of the order. Godless itself, it had been organized to promote godlessness. He nike air max 1 ebay had given much thought to it since Demedes unfolded the scheme to him, and found it impossible to believe persons of sound sense could undertake a sin so elaborate. If for any reason the State and Church were unmindful of it, Heaven certainly could not be.
Aside from the desire to satisfy h air max 1 leopard print imself of the strength of the Academy, Sergius was drawn to the Hippodrome to learn, if possible, the position Demedes held in it. His sympathy with the venerable Hegum en, with whom mourning for the boy astray was incessant, and sometimes pathetic as the Jewish king’s, gradually became a grief for the prodigal himself, and he revolved plans for his reformation. What happiness could he one day lead the son to the father, and say: “Your prayers and lamentations have been heard; see–God’s kiss of peace on his forehead!”
And then in what he had seen of Demedes–what courage, dash, and audacity–what efficiency–what store of resources! The last play of his–attending the fete of the Princess Irene as a bear tender–who but Demedes would have thought of such a role? Who else could have made himself the hero of the occasio nike air max 1 red n, with none to divide honors with him except Joqard? And what a bold ready transition from bear tender to captain in the boat race! Demedes writhing in the grip of Nilo over the edge of the wall, death in the swish of waves beneath, had been an object of pity t nike air max 1 grey inged with contempt–Demedes winner of the prize at Therapia was a very different person.
This feeling for the Greek, it is to be said next, was dashed with a lurking dread of him. If he had a design against Lael, what was there to prevent him from attempting it? That he had such a design, Sergius could not deny. How often he repeated the close of the note left on the stool after the Fisherman’s fete. “Thou mayst find the fan of the Princess of India useful; with me it is embalmed in sentiment.” He shall write with a pen wondrous fine who makes the difference b cheap air max 1 etween love and sentiment clear. Behind the fete, moreover, there was the confession heard on the wall, illustrated by the story of the plague of crime. Instead of fading out in the Russian’s mind it had become better understood–a consequence of the brightening process of residence in the city.
Twice the procession rounded the great curriculum. Twice Sergius had opportunity to look for the Greek, but without avail. So were the celebrants lit nike air max 1 premium erally clothed in flowers that recognition of individuals was almost impossible. The first time, he sought him in the body of each passing section; the second time, he scanned the bearers of the standards and symbols; the third time, he was successful.
At the head of cheap nike air max 1 the parade, six or eight persons were moving on horseback. It was singular Sergius had not l nike air max 1 ooked for Demedes amongst them, since the idea of him would have entitled the Greek to a chief seat in the Temple and a leading place when in the eye of the public. As it was, he could not repress an exclamation on making the discovery.
Like his associates, Demedes was in armor cap-a-pie. He also carried an unshod lance, a shield on arm, and a bow and quiver at his back; but helmet, breastplate, shield, lance and bow were masked in flowers, and only now and then a gli nike air max 1 leopard nt betrayed the underdress of polished steel. The steed he bestrode was housed in cloth which dragged the ground; but of the color of the cloth or its material not a word can be said, so entirely was it covered with floral embroidery of diverse hues and cheap air max 1 figures.
The decoration contributed little of grace to man or beast; nevertheless its richness was undeniable. To the spendthrifts in the galleries the effect was indescribably attractive. They studied its elaboration, conjecturing how many gardens along the Bosphorus, and out in the Isles of the Princes, had been laid under contribution for the accomplishment of the splendor. Thus in the saddle, Demedes could not have been accused of diminutiveness; he appeared tall, even burly; indeed, Sergius would never have recognized him had he not been going with raised visor, and at the instant of passing turned his face up nike air max 1 black , permitting it to be distinctly seen.
The exclamation wrung from the monk was not merely because of his finding the man; in sober truth, it was an unconventional expression provoked by finding him in the place he occupied, and a quick jump to the logical conclusion that the foremost person in the march w nike air max 1 sale as also the chief priest–if such were the title–in the Academy.
Thenceforward Sergius beheld little else Air Max 1 of the show than Demedes. He forgot the impiety of the honors to the bronze serpent. There is no enigma to us like him who is broadly our antipodes in moral being, and whe

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