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te balcony of the king.
Something on the right cheek of the gate under the pavilion furnished an attraction to the visitors. When Sergius came up, he was detained by a press of men and women in eager discussion; and following their eyes and the pointing of their fingers, he observed a brazen plate overhead curiously inscribed. The writing was unintelligible to him as to his neighbors. It looked Turkish–or it might have been Arabic–or it might not have been writing at a nike air max 90 sale ll. He stayed awhile listening to the conjectures advanced. Presently a gypsy approached leading a bear, which, in its turn, was drawing a lot of noisy boys. He stopped, careless of the unfriendly glances with which he was received, and at sight of the plate saluted it cheap nike air max with a low salaam several times unctuously repeated.
„Look at the hamari there. He can tell what the thing means.“
„Then ask him.“
„I will. See here, thou without a r nike air max 1 eligion, consort of brutes! Canst thou tell what this“–pointing to the plate–„is for? Come and look at it!“
„It is not needful for me to go nearer. I see it well enough. Neither am I without a religion. I do not merely profess belief in God–I believe in Him,“ the bear-keeper replied.
The fisherman took the retort and the laugh it occasioned good-humoredly, and answered: „Very well, we are even; and now perhaps thou canst tell me what I asked.“
„Willingly, since thou canst be decent to a stranger…. The young Mahommed, son of Amurath, Sultan of Sultans“–the gypsy paused to salute the title–„the young Mahommed, I say, is my friend.“ The bystanders laugh cheap nike air max 90 ed derisively, but the man proceeded. „He has resided this long time at Magne air max 90 sia, the capital of a prosperous province assigned to his governorship. There never was one of such station so civil to his people, and much learning has had a good effect upon his judgment; it has taught him that the real virtue of amusement lies in its variety. Did he listen exclusively to his doctors discoursing of philosophy, or to his professor of mathematics, or to his poets and historians, he would go mad even as they are mad; wherefore, along with his studies, he hunts with hawk and hound; he tilts and tourneys; he plays the wandering minstrel; and not seldom Joqard and I–hey, fellow, is it not so?“ he gave the bear a tremendous jerk- nike air max classic -„Joqard and I have been to audience with him in his palace.“
„A wonderful prince no doubt; but I asked not of him. The plate, man–what of this plate? If nothing, then give way to Joqard.“
„There are fools and fools–that is, there are plain fools and wise fools. The wise fool answering the plain fool, is always more particular with his premises than his argument.“
The laugh was with the hamari again; after which he continued: „So, having done with explanation, n cheap nike air max ow to satisfy you.“
From the breast of his gown, he brought forth a piece of bronze considerably less than the plate on the gate, but in every other respect its counterpart.
„See you this?“ he said, holding the bronze up to view.
There was quick turning from plate to plate, and the conclusion was as quick.
„They are the same, but what of it?“
„This–Joqard and I went up one day and danced for the Prince, and at the end he dismissed us, giving me a red silk purse nike air max 90 fat with gold pieces, and to Joqard this passport. Mark you now. The evil minded used to beat us with cudgels and stones–I mean among the Turk–but coming to a town now, I tie this to Joqard’s collar, and we have welcome. We eat and drink, and are given good quarters, and sped from morning to morning without charge.“
„There is some magic in the plate, then?“
„No,“ said the hamari, „unless there is magic in the love of a people for the Prince to be their ruler. It cer cheap nike air max trainers tifies Joqard and I are of Prince Mahommed’s friends, and that is enough for Turks; and the same yonder. By the sign, I know this gate, these grounds, and the owner of them are in his protection. But,“ said the bear-keeper, changing his tone, „seeing one civil answer deserves another, when was Prince Mahommed here?“
„In person? Never.“
„Oh, he must have been nike air max 95 .“
„Why do you say so?“
„Because of the brass plate yonder.“
„What does it prove?“
„Ah, yes!“ the man answered laughingly. „Joqard and I pick up many odd things, and meet a world of people–don’t we, fellow?“ Another furious jerk of the leading strap brought a whine from the bear, „But it is good for us. We teach school as we go; and you know, my friend, for every solidus its equivalent in noumia is somewhere.“
„I will give you a noumia, if you will give me an answer.“
„A bargain–a bargain, with witnesses!“
Then after a glance into the faces around, as if summoning attention to the offer, the hamari proceeded.
„Listen. I say the brass up there proves Prince Mahommed was her nike air max sale e in person. Wishing to notify his people that he had taken in his care everything belonging to this property, the owner included, the Prince put his Nike Air Max signature to the proclamation.“
„Yes–you may call it plain brass, if you prefer; none the less the writing on it is Mahommed: and because such favors must bear his name on them, they are reserved for his giving. No other man, except the great Sultan nike air max , his father, would bestow one of them. Joqard had his from the Prince’s hand directly; w

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