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exclaimed, surprised; and as he stood aside to let her enter she saw him draw out his watch and glance at it surreptitiously. He was expecting someone, or he had an engagement elsewhere–something claimed him from which cheap nike air max trainers she was excluded. The thought flushed her with sudden resolution. She knew now what she had come for–to keep him from every one else, to keep him nike air max 95 for herself alone.
“Don’t send me away!” she said, and laid her hand on his beseechingly.
Chapter 45
She advanced i nto the room and slowly looked about her. The big vulgar writing-table wreathed in bronze was heaped with letters and papers. Among them stood a lapis bowl in a Renaissance mounting of enamel and a vase of Phenician glass that was like a bit of rainbow caught in cobwebs. On a table against the windo nike air max sale w a little Greek marble lifted its pure lines. On every side some rare and sensitive object seemed to be shrinking back from the false colours and crude contours of the hotel furniture. There were no books in the room, but the florid console under the mirror was stacke air max 90 d with old numbers of Town Talk and the New York Radiator. Undine recalled the dingy hall-room that Moffatt had lodged in at Mrs. Flynn’s, over Hober’s livery stable, and her heart beat at the signs of his altered state. When her eyes came back to him their lid nike air max 90 s were moist.
“Don’t send me away,” she repeated. He looked at her and smiled. “What is it? What’s the matter?”
“I don’t know–but I had to come. To-day, when you spoke again of sailing, I felt as if I couldn’t stand it.” She lifted her eyes and looked in his profoundly.
He reddened a little under her g airmax 90 aze, but she could detect no softening or confusion in the shrewd steady glance he gave he nike air max r back.
“Things going wrong again–is that the trouble?” he merely asked with a comforting inflexion.
“They always are wrong; it’s all been an awful mistake. But I shouldn’t ca nike air max 90 sale re if you were here and I could see you sometimes. You’re so STRONG: that’s what I feel about you, Elmer. I was the only one to feel it that time they all turned against you out at Apex…. cheap nike air max Do you remember the afternoon I met you down on Main Street, and we cheap air max 90 walked out together to the Park? I knew then that you were stronger than any of them….”
She had never spoken more sincerely. For the moment all thought of self-interest was in abeyance, and she felt again, as she had felt that day, the instinctive yearning of her nature to be one with his. Something in he nike air max 1 r voice must have attested it, for she saw a change in his face.
“You’re not the beauty you were,” he said irrelevantly; “but you’re a lot more fetching.”
The oddly qualified praise made her laugh with mingled pleasure and annoyance.
“I suppose I must be dreadfully nike air max classic changed–“
“You’re all right!–But I’ve got to go back home,” he broke off abruptly. “I cheap nike air max ‘ve put it off too long.”
She paled and looked away, helpless in her sudden disappointment. “I knew you’d say that…. And I shall just be left here….” She sat down on the sofa near which they had been standing, and two tears formed on her lashes and fell.

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