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valiantly turned to her friend. The fact that she must permit herself to be pitied by Indiana Frusk gave her the uttermost measure of the depth to which her fortunes had fallen. This abasement was inflicted on her in the staring gold apartment of the Hotel Nouveau Luxe in which the Rollivers had established themselves on their recent arrival in Par cheap nike dunks is. The vast drawing-room, adorned only by two high-shouldered gilt baskets of orchids drooping on their wires, reminded Undine of the “Looey suite” in which the opening scenes of her own history had been enacte nike dunks low d; and the resemblance and the difference were emphasized by the fact that the image of her past self was not inaccurately repeated in the triumphant presence of Indiana Rolliver.
“There isn’t a tip I co cheap nike dunks uldn’t have given you–not one!” Mrs. Rolliver reproachfully repeated; and all Undine’s superiorities and discriminations seemed to shrivel up in the crude blaze of the other’s solid achievement.
There was little comfort in noting, for one’s private delectation, that Indiana spoke of her husband as “Mr. Rolliver,” that she twanged a piercing R, that one of her shoulders was still higher than the other, and that he nike dunks ebay r striking dress was totally unsuited to the hour, the place and the occasion. She still did and nike dunks high was all that Undine had so sedulously learned not to be and to do; but to dwell on these obstacles to her succe ss was but to be more deeply impressed by the fact that she had nevertheless succeeded.
Not much more than a year had elapsed since Undine Marvell, sitting in the drawing-room of another Parisian hotel nike dunks high tops , had heard the immense orchestral murmur of Paris rise through the open windows like the ascending movement of her own hopes. The immense murmur still sounded on, deafening and implacable as some elemental force; and the discord in her fate no more disturbed it than the motor wheels rolling by under the windows were disturbed by the particles of dust that they ground to finer powder as they passed.
“I could have told nike dunks high uk you one thing right off,” Mrs. Rolliver went on with her ringing energy. “And that is, to get your divorce first thing. A divorce is always a good thing to have: you never can tell when you may want it. You nike dunks jd ought to have attended to that before you even BEGAN with Peter Van Degen.”
Undine listened, irresistibly impressed. “Did YOU?” she asked; but Mrs. Rolliver, at this, grew suddenly veiled and sibyll nike dunks uk ine. custom nike dunks She wound her big bejewelled hand through her pearls–there were ropes and ropes of them–and leaned back, modestly sinking her lids.
“I’m here, anyhow,” she rejoined, with “CIRCUMSPICE!” in look and tone.
Undine, obedient to the challenge, continued to gaze at the pearls. They were real; there was no doubt about that. And so was Indiana’s marriage–if she kept out of certain states.
“Don’t you see,” Mrs. Rolliver c nike dunks uk ontinued, “that having to leave him when you did, and rush off to Dakota for six months, was–was giving him too much time to think; and giving it at the wrong time, too?” “Oh, I see. But what could I do? cheap nike dunks nike dunks I’m not an immoral woman.”
“Of course not, dearest. You were

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