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eir eyes to glance mistrustfully at the new arrival sweeping the garden gravel with her frivolous draperies. The inmates of the hotel were of different nationalities, but their racial differences were levelled by the stamp of a common mediocrity. All differences o moncler sale authentic f tongue, of custom, of physiognomy, disappeared in this deep community of insignificance, moncler jackets which was like some secret bond, with the manifold signs and pass-words of its ignorances and its imperceptions. It was not the hetero moncler sell geneous mediocrity of the American s moncler sale womens jackets ummer hotel where the lack of any standard is the nearest approach to a tie, but an organized codified dulness, in con cheap moncler sale scious possession of its rights, and strong in the voluntary ignorance of any others.
It took Undine a long time to accustom herself to such an atmosphere, and meanwhile she fretted, fumed and flaunted, or abandoned herself to long periods of fruitless brooding. Sometimes a flame of anger shot up in her, dismally i lluminating the path she had travelled and the blank wall to which it led. At other moments past and present were enveloped in a dull fog of rancour which distorted and faded even the image she presented to her morning mirror. There were days when every young face she saw left in her a taste of poison. But when she compared moncler jacket sale herself with the specimens of her sex who plied their languid industries under the palms, or looked away as she pa moncler sale ssed them in ha moncler sale for kids ll or staircase, her spirits rose, and she rang for her maid and dressed herself in her newest and vividest. These were unprofitable triumphs, however. She never made one of her attacks on the organized disapproval of the community without feeling she had lost ground by it; and the next day she would lie in bed and send down capricious orders for food, which her maid would presently remove untouched, with instructions to transmit her complaints to the landlord.
Sometimes the events of t moncler men sale he past year, ceaselessly revolving through her brain, became no longer a subject for criticism or justification but simply a series of pictures monotonously unrolled. Hour by hour, in such moods, she re-lived the incidents of her flight with Peter Van Degen: the part of her career that, since it had proved a failure, seemed least like herself and most difficult to justify. She had gone away with him, and had li moncler sale coats ve moncler sale d with him for two months: she, Undine Marvell, to whom respectability was the breath of life, to whom such follies had always been unintelligible and therefore inexcusable.–She had done this incredible thing, and she had done it from a motive that seemed, at the time, as clear, as logical, as free from the distorting mists of sentimentality, as any of her father’s financial enterprises. It had been a bo Moncler Outlet ld move, but it had been as carefully calculated as the happiest Wall Street “stroke.” She had gone away with Peter because, after the decisive scene in which she had put her power to the test, to yield to him seemed the surest means of vi ralph lauren sale ctory. Even to her practical intelligence it was clear that an immediate dash to Dakota might look too calcul①

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