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ropes, and stabbed with sharpened sticks; they also contributed to the unearthly tumult of sounds which travelled with the mob, a compound of prayers, imprecations, and senseless screams–the medley th cheap air max 1 at may be occasionally heard from a modern mad-house.
In the height of the rush the Shaykh came up.
“How long,” said the Prince–“in the Prophet’s name, nike air max 1 ebay how long will this endure?”
“Till night, O most excellent Hadji–if the caravans be so long in coming.”
“Is it usual?”
“It has been so from the beginning.”
Thereupon the curiosity of the Prince took another turn. A band of horsemen galloped into view–free riders, with long lances carried upright, their caftans flying, and altogether noble looking.
“These are Arabs. I know by their horses and their bearing,” nike air max 1 black said he, with admiration; “but possibly thou canst give me the name of their tribe.”
The Shaykh answered with pride: “Their horses are gray, and by the sign, O lover of the Prophet, they are the Beni-Yarb. Every other one of them is a poet; in nike air max 1 red the face of an ene air max 1 my, they are all warriors.”
The camps on the hill, with the yellow flag giving notice of the Emir’s station, had effect upon others besides the Yarbis; all who wished to draw out of the melange turned towards them, bringing the spectacle in part to the very feet of the Wanderer; whereas he thought with a quicker beating of the heart, “The followers of the Prophet are coming to show me of what they are this day composed.” Then he said to the Shaykh, “Stand thou here, and tell me as I shall air max 1 sale ask.”
The conversation between them may be thus summarized:
The current w nike air max 1 leopard hich poured past then, its details in perfect view, carried along with it all the conditions and nationalities of the pilgrimage. Natives of the desert on bare-backed camels, clinging to the humps with one hand, while they pounded with the other–natives on beautiful horses, not needing whip or spur–natives on dromedaries so swift, sure-footed, and strong there was no occasion for fear. Men, and often women and children, on ragged saddle-cloths, others in pretentious boxes, and now and then a person whose wealth and rank were published by the magnificence of the litter in which he was borne, swinging luxuriously between long-stepping dromedaries from El Sbark.
“By Allah!” the Prince exclaimed. “Here hath barbarism its limit! Behold!”
They of whom he spoke came up in irregular array mounted on dromedaries without housin nike air max 1 grey g. At their head rode one with a white lettered green flag, and beating an immense drum. They were armed with long spears o nike air max 1 f Indian bamboo, garnished below the slender points with swinging tufts of ostrich feathers. Each carried a woman behind him disdainful of a veil. The feminine screams of exultation rose high above the yells of the men, helping not a little to the recklessness with which the latter bore onward.
Woe to such in their way as were poorly mounted. In a twinkling they were ridden down. Nor d id those fare better who were overtaken struggling with a string of camels. The crash of bursting boxes, the sharp report of rending ropes, the warning cry, the maddening cheer; a battle of men, another of beasts–and when the collision had passed, the earth was strewn with its wreck.
“They are Wahabbas, O Hadji,” sa cheap air max 1 id the Shaykh. “Thou seest the tufts on their spears. Under them they carry Jehannum.”
“And these now coming?” asked the Prince. “Their long white hats remind me of Persia.”
“Persians they are,” replied the Shaykh, his lip curling, his eyes gleaming. “They will tear their clothes, and cut their shaven crowns, and wail, ‘Woe’s me, O Ali!’ then kiss the Kaaba with defilement on their beards. The curse of the Shaykaim is on them–may it stay there!”
Then the P cheap nike air max 1 rince knew it was a Sunite speaking of Schiahs.
Yet others of the Cafila of Bagdad passed with the despised sons of Iran; notably Deccanese, Hindoos, Afghans, and people from the Himalayas, and beyond them far as Kathay, and China, and Siam, all better known to the Prince than to his Shaykh, who spoke of them, saying, “Thou shouldst know thine own, O Hadji! Thou art nike air max 1 sale their father!”
Next, in a blending that permitted no choice of associates, along swept the chief constituents of the caravans–Moors and Blackamoors, Egyptians, Syrians, Turks, Kurds, Caucasians, and Arabs of every tribe, each a multitude of themselves, and their passing filled up the afternoon.
Towards sundown the hurry and rush of the movement perceptibly nike air max 1 premium slackened. Over in the west there were signs of a halt; tents were rising, and the smoke of multiplying fires began to deepen the blue of the distance. It actually appeared as if settlement for the night would creep back upon the east, whence the irruption had burst.

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