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d the steps of the three Miss Proudies.
“Did y air max 90 ou ever ride at the quintain, Mr. Foster?” said Miss Thorne as she walked with her party across the lawn.
“The quintain?” said young Foster, who considered himself a dab at horsemanship. “Is it a sort nike air max 1 of gate, Miss Thorne?”
Miss Thorne had to explain the noble game she spoke of, and Frank Foster had to own that he never had ridden at the quintain.
“Would you like to come and see?” said Miss Thorne. “There’ll be plenty here you know without you, if you like it.”
“Well, I don’t mind,” said Frank. “I suppose the ladies can come too.”
“Oh, yes,” said Miss Thorne; “those who like it. I have no doubt they’ll go to see your prowess, if you’ll ride, Mr. Foster.”
Mr. Foster looked down at a most unexceptionable pair of pantaloons, which had arrived from London only the day before. They were the very things, at least he thought cheap nike air max 90 so, for a picnic or fête champêtre, but he was not prepared to ride in them. Nor was he more encouraged than had been Mr. Thorne by the idea of being attacked from behind by the bag of flour, which Miss Thorne had graphically described to him.
“Well, I don’t know about riding, Miss Thorne,” said he; “I fear I’m not quite prepared.”
Miss Thorne sighed but said nothing further. She left the toxophilites to thei r bows and arrows and returned towards the house. But as she passed by the entrance to the small park, she thought that she might at any rate encourage the yeomen by her presence, as she could not induce her more fashionable guests to mix with them in their manly amusements. Accordingly she once more betook herself to the quintain post.
Here to her great delight she found Harry Greenacre ready mounted, with his cheap nike air max trainers pole in his hand, and a lot of comrades standing round him, encouraging him to the assault. She stood at a little distance and nodded to him in token of her good pleasure.
“Shall I begin, ma’am?” said Harry, fingering his long staff in a rather awkward way, while his horse moved uneasily beneath him, not accustomed to a rider armed with such a weapon.
“Yes, yes,” said Miss Thorne, standing triumphant as the queen of beauty on an inverted tub which some chance had brought thither from the farmyard.
“Here goes then,” said Harry as he wheeled his horse round to get the necessary momentum of a sharp gallop. The quintain post stood right before him, and the square board at which he was to tilt was fairly in his way. If he hit that duly in the middle, and maintained h Nike Air Max is pace as he did so, it was calculated that he would he c cheap nike air max arried out of reach of the flour bag, which, suspended at the other end of the cross-bar on the post, would swing round when the board was struck. It was also calculated that if the rider did not maintain his pace, he would get a blow from the flour bag just at the back of his head, and bear about him the signs of his awkwardness to the great amusement of the lookers-on.
Harry Greenacre did not object to being powdered with flour in the service of his mistress and therefore gallantly touched his steed with his spur, having laid his lance in rest to the best of his ability. But his ability in this respect was not great, and his appurtenances probably not very good; consequently, he struck his horse with his pole unintent nike air max 95 ionally on the side of the head as he started. The animal swerved and shied and galloped off wide of t nike air max 90 he quintain. Harry, well-accustomed to manage a horse, but not to do so with a twelve-foot rod on his arm, lowered his right hand to the bridle, and thus the end of the lance came to the ground and got between the legs of the steed. Down came rider and steed and staff. Young Greenacre was thrown some six feet over the horse’s head, and poor Miss Thorne almost fell off her tub in a swoon.
“Oh, gracious, he’s killed,” shrieked a woman who was near him when he fell.
“The Lord be good to him! His poor mother, his poor mother!” said another.
“Well, drat them dangerous plays all the world over,” said an old crone.
“He has broke his neck s cheap nike air max ure enough, if ever man did,” said a fourth.
Poor Miss Thorne. She heard all this and yet did not quite swoon. She made her way through the crowd as best she could, sick herself almost to dea nike air max 90 sale th. Oh, his mother — his poor mother! How could she ever forgive herself. The agony of that moment was terrific. She could hardly get to the place where the poor lad was lying, as three or four men in front were about the horse, which had risen with some difficulty, but at last she found herself close to the young farmer.
“Has he marked himself? For heaven’s sake tell me that: has he marked his knees?” said Harry, slowly rising and rubbing his left should nike air max er with his right hand and thinking only of his horse’s legs. Miss Thorne soon found that he had not broken his neck, nor any of his bones, nor been injured in any essential way. But from that time forth she never instigated anyone to ride at a quintain.
Eleanor left Dr. Stanhope as soon as she could do so civilly and went in quest of her father, whom she found on the l nike air max sale awn in company with Mr. Arabin. She was not sorry to find them together. She was anxious to dis nike air max classic abuse at any rate her father’s mind as to this report which had got abroad respecting her, and would have been well pleased to have been able to do the same with regard to Mr. Arabin. She put her own through her father’s arm, coming up behind his back, and then tendered her hand also to the vicar of St. Ewold’s.
“And how did you come?” said Mr. Harding, when the first greeting was over.
“The Stanhopes brought me,” said she; “their carriage was obliged to come twice, and has now gone back for the signora.” As she spoke she caught Mr. Arabin’s eye and saw that he was looking pointedly at her with a severe expression. She understood at once the accusation contained in his glance. It 8

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