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“Two o’clock.— I believe I have caught the infection of Midwinter’s superstition. I begin to think that events are forcing me nearer and nearer to some end which I don’t see yet, but which I am firmly persuaded is now not far off.
“I have been insulted — deliberately insulted before witnesses — by Miss Milroy cheap nike air max .
“After walking, as usual, in the most unfrequented place I could pick out, and after trying, not very successfully, to think to some good purpose of what I am to do next, I remembered that I needed some note-paper and pens, and went back to the town to the stationer’s shop. It might have been wiser to have sent for what I wanted. But I was weary of myself, and weary of my lonely rooms; nike air max classic and I did my own errand, for no better reason than that it was something to do.
“I had just got into the shop, and was asking for what I wanted, when another customer came in. We both looked up, and recognized each other at the same moment: Mi Cheap Nike Air Max ss Milroy.
“A woman and a lad were behind the counter, besides the man who was serving me. The woman civilly addressed the new customer. ‘What can we have the pleasure of doing for you, miss?’ Cheap Air Max After pointing it first by looking me straight in the face, she answered, ‘Nothing, thank you, at present. I’ll come back when the shop is empty.’
“She went out. The three people in the shop looked at me in silence. In silence, on my side, I paid for my purchases, and left the place. I don’t know how I might have felt if I had been in my usual spirits. I nike air max 95 n the anxious, unsettled state I am in now, I can’t deny it, the girl stung me.
“In the weakness of the moment (for it was nothing else), I was on the point of matching her petty spitefulness by spitefulness quite as petty on my side. I had actually got as far as the whole length of the street on my way to the major’s cottage, bent on telling him the secret of his daughter’s morning walks, before my better sense came back to me. When I did cool down, I turned round a cheap nike air max trainers t once, and took the way home. No, no, Miss Milroy; mere temporary mischief-making at the cottage, which would only end in your father forgiving you, and in Armadale profiting by his indulgence, will nothing like pay the nike air max 90 sale debt I owe you. I don’t forget that your heart is set on Arm cheap nike air max adale; and that the major, however he may talk, has always ended hitherto in giving you your own way. My head may be getting duller and duller, but it has not quite failed me yet.
“In the meantime, there is Mother Oldershaw’s letter waiting obstinately to be answered; and here am I, not knowing what to do about it yet. Shall I answer it or not? It doesn’t matter for the present; there are some hours still to spare before the post goes out.
“Suppose I asked Armadale to lend me the money? I should enjoy getting something out of him; and I bel nike air max 90 ieve, in his present situation with Miss Milroy, he would do anything to be rid of me. Mean enough this, on my part. Pooh! When nike air max sale you hate and despise a man, as I hate and despise Armadale, who cares for looking mean in his nike air max 1 eyes?
“And yet my pride — or my something else, I don’t know what — shrinks from it.
“Half-past two — only half-past two. Oh, the dreadful weariness of these long summer days! I can’t keep thinking and thinking any longer; I must do something to relieve my mind. Can I go to my piano? No; I’m not fit for it. Work? No; I shall get thinking again if I take to my needle. A man, in my place, would find refug nike air max e in drink. I’m n Nike Air Max ot a man, and I can’t drink. I’ll dawdle over my dresses, and put my things tidy. ③

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