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tial music, and cannon. The warders were not surprised by the assault so much as by its d nike air max 1 in and fury; and when directly the missiles struck them, thickening into an uninterrupted pouring rain, they cowered behind the merlons, air max 2013 and such other shelters as they could find.
This did not last long–it was like the shiver and gasp of one plunged suddenly into icy water. The fugitives were rallied, and brought back to their weapons, and to replying in kind; and having no longer to shoot with care, the rabble fusing into a compact target, especially on the outer edge of the ditch, not a shaft, or bolt, or stone, or ball from culverin went amiss. Afterwhile, their blood warming with the work, and t nike air max classic he dawn breaking, they could see their advantage of position, and the awful havoc they were playing; then they too knew the delight in killing which more than anything else proves man the most ferocious of brutes.
The movement of the hordes was not a dash wholly without system–such an inference would be a great mistake. There was no pretenc e of alignment cheap nike air max or order–there never is in such attacks–forlorn hopes, receiving the signal, rush on, each individual to his own endeavor; here, nevertheless, the Pachas and Beys directed the assault, permitting no blind waste of effort. They hurled their mobs at none but the weak places–here a breach, there a dismantled gate.
Thousands were pushed headlong into the moat. The ladders then passed down to such of them as had footing were heavy, but they were caught willingly; if too short, were spliced; once planted so as to bring the coping of the wall in reach, they swarmed with eager adventurers, who, holding their shields and pikes overhead, climbed as best they could. Those b nike air max 2013 elow cheered their comrades above, and even pushed them up.
“The spoils–think of the spoils–the gold, the women!… Allah-il-Allah!… Up, up–it is the wa nike air max 90 y to Paradise!”
Darts and javelins literally cast the climbers in a thickened shade. Sometimes a ponderous stone plunging down cleaned a ladder from top to bottom; sometimes, waiting until the rounds were filled, the besieged applied levers, and swung a score and more off helpless and shrieking. No matter–Allah-il-Allah! The living were swift to restore and attempt the fatal ascents.
E nike air max 2012 very one dead and every one wounded became a serviceable clod; rapidly as the dump and cumber of humanity filled the moat the ladders extended their upward reach; while drum-beat, battle-cry, trumpet’s blare, and the roar of cannon answering cannon blent into one steady all-smothering sound.
In the stretches of space between gates, where the walls and towers were intact, the strife of the archers and slingers was to keep the Greeks occupi nike air max ed, lest they should reenforce the defenders hard pressed elsewhere.
During the night the blockading vessels had been warped close into the shore, and, the wall of the seafront being lower than those on the land side, the crews, by means of platforms erected on the decks, engaged the besieged from a better level. There also, though attempts at escalade were frequent, the object was chiefly to hold the garrison in place.
In the harbor, particularly at the Wood Gate, already mentioned as battered out of semblance to itself by the large gun on the floating battery, the Turks exerted themselves to effect a landing; but the Christian fleet interpose nike air max sale d, and there was a naval battle of varying fortune.
So, speaking generally, the city was wrapped in assault; and when the sun at last rode up into the clear sky above the Asiatic nike air max 90 sale heights, streets, houses, palaces, churches–the hills, in fact, from the sea to the Tower of Isaac–were shrouded in ominous vapor, through which such of the people as dared go abroad flitted pale and trembling; or if they spoke to each other, it was to ask in husky voices, What have you from the gates?
Passing now to the leading actors i cheap nike air max trainers n this terrible tragedy. Mahommed retired to his couch early the night previous. He knew his orders were in course of execution by chiefs who, on their part, knew the consequences of failure. The example made of the Admiral in command of the fleet the day the five relieving Christian galleys won the port was fresh in memory. [Footnote: He was stretched on the ground and whipped like a common malefactor.]
“To-morrow, to-morrow,” he kept repeating, while his pages took off his armor, and cheap nike air max laid the pieces aside. “To-morrow, to-morrow,” lingered in his thoughts, when, his limbs stretched out comfortably on the broad bronze cot which served him for couch, sleep crept in as to a tired child, and laid its finger of forgetfulness upon his eyelids. The repetition was as when we run through the verse of a cheerful song, thinking it out silently, and then recite the chorus aloud. Once he awoke, and, sitting up, listened. The mighty host which had its life by his permission was quiet–even the horses in their apartment seemed mindful that nike air max 95 the hour was sacred to their master. Falling to sleep again, he muttered: “To-morrow, to-morrow–Irene and glory. I have the promise of the stars.”
To Mahommed the morrow was obviously but

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