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hts: they bubbled up perpetually from the black spring nike air max 95 s of his hidden misery, they stole on him in the darkness of n cheap nike shoes ight, they blotted out the light of day; but when it came to putting them into words and applying them to the external facts of the case, they seemed totally unrelated to it. One more white and sun-touched glory had gone from his sky; but there seemed no way of connecting that with such practical issues as his being called on to decide whether Paul was to be put in knickerbockers or trousers, and whether he should go back cheap nike air max to Washington Square f nike air max 90 sale or the winter or hire a small house for himself and his son.
The latter question was ultimately decided by his remaining under his grandfather’s roof. Novem nike air max ber found him back in the off nike air max sale ice again, in fairly good health, with an outer skin of indifference slowly forming over his lacerated soul. There had been a hard minute to live through when he came back to his old brown room in Washington Square. The walls and tables were covered with photographs of Undine: effigies of all shapes and sizes, expressing every possible sentiment dear to the photographic tradition. Ralph had gathered them all up when he had moved from West End Avenue after Undine’s departure for Europe, and they throned over his other possessions as her image had throned over his future the night he had sat in that very room and drea cheap nike air max trainers med of soaring up with her into the blue…
It was impossible to go on living with her photographs about him; and one evening, going up to his room after dinner, he began to unhang them from the walls, and to gat cheap nike air max her them up nike air max classic from book-shelves and mantel-piece and tables. Then he looked about for some pl nike air max 90 a nike air max 1 ce in which to hide them. There were drawers under his book-cases; but they were full of old discarded things, and even if he emptied the drawers, the photographs, in their heavy frames, were almost all too large to fit into them. He turned next to the top shelf of his cupboard; but here the nurse had stored Paul’s old toy s, his sand-pails, shovels and croquet-box. Every corner was packed with the vain impedimenta of living, and the mere thought of clearing a space in the chaos was too great an effort.
He began to replace the pictures one by one; and the last was still in his hand when he heard his sister’s voice outside. He hurriedly put the portrait back in its usual place on his writing-table, and Mrs. Fairford, who had been d cheap nike air max ining in Washington Square, and had come up to bid him good night, flung her arms about him in a quick embrace and went cheap nike online down to her carriage.
The next afternoon, when he came home from the office, he did not at first see any change in his room; but when he had lit his pipe and thrown himse

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