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fice, he did not at first see any change nike free run 3 in nike free 5.0 v4 his room; but when he had lit his pipe and thrown himself into his arm-chair he noticed that the photograph of his wife’s picture by Popple no longer f nike free running shoes aced him from the mantel-piece. He turned to his writing-table, but her image had vanished from there too; then his eye, making the circuit of the walls, perceived that they also had been stripped. Not a single photograph of Undine was left; yet so adroitly had the work of elimination been done, so ingeniously the remaining objects readjusted, that the change attracted no attention.
Ralph was angry, sore, a nike free run 2 shamed. He felt as if Laura, whose hand he instantly detected, had taken a cruel pleasure in her work, and for an instant he hate cheap nike free run 2 d her for it. Then a sense of relief stole over him. He was glad he could look about him without meeting Undine’s eyes, and he understood that what had been done to his room he must do to his memory and his imagination: he must so readjust his mind that, whichever way he turned his thoughts, nike free run 2 review her face should no longer confront him. But that was a task that Laura could not perform for him, a task nike free 3.0 sale to be accomplished only by the hard continuous tension of his will.
With the setting in of the mood of silence all desire to fight his wife’s suit di nike free ed out. The idea of touching publicly on anything that had passed between himself and Undine had become unthinkable. Insensibly he had been subdued to the point of view about him, and the idea of calling on the law to repair his shattered happiness struck him as even more grotesque than it was degrading. Nevertheless, some contradictory impulse of his divided spirit nike free run made him resent, on the part of his mother and sister, a too-ready acceptance of his attitude. There were moments when their tacit assumption that his wife was banished and forgotten irritated him like the hushed tread of sympathizers about the bed of an invalid who will not admit that he suffers.
His irritation was aggravated by the discovery that Mrs. Marvell and Laura had already begun to treat Paul as if he were an orphan. One day, coming unnoticed into the nursery, Ralph heard the boy ask when his mother was coming back; and Mrs. Fairford, who was with him, answered: “She’s not coming back, dearest; and you’re not to speak of her to father.”
Ralph, when the boy was out of hearing, rebuked his sister for her answ nike free trainers uk er. “I don’t want you to talk of his mother as if she were dead. I don’t want you to forbid Paul to speak of her.”
Laura, though usually so yielding, defended herself. “What’s the use of encouraging him to speak of her when he’s ne nike free run plus ver to see her? The sooner he forgets her the better.”
Ralph pondered. “Later- nike free 3.0 review -if s nike free review he asks to see him–I shan’t refuse.”
Mrs. Fairford pressed her lips together to check the answer: “She never will!”
Ralph heard it, nevertheless, and let it pass. Nothing gave him so profound a sense of estrangement

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