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ain nothing by contact with the Signora Neroni, and they could abuse her as they pleased at a distance from her on the lawn.
“She’s that horrid Italian woman, Lady De Courcy; you must have heard of her.”
“What Italian woman?” said her ladyship, quite alive to the coming story. “I don’t think I’ve heard of any Italian woman coming into the country. She cheap nike air max trainers doesn’t look Italian, either.”
“Oh, you must have heard of her,” said Mrs. Proudie. “No, she’s not absolutely Italian. She is Dr. Stanhope’s daughter — Dr. Stanhope the prebendary — and she calls herself the Signora Neroni.”
“Oh-h-h-h!” exclaimed the countess.
“I was sur nike blazers e you had heard of her,” continued Mrs. Proudie. I don’t know anything about her husband. They do say that some man named Neroni is still alive. I believe she did marry such a man abroad, but I do not at all know who or what he was.
“Oh-h-h-h!” exclaimed the countess, shaking her head with much intelligence, as every additional “h” fell from her lips. “I know all about it now. I have heard George mention her. George knows all about her. George heard about her nike air max 90 sale in Rome.”
“She’s an abominable woman, at any rate,” said Mrs. Proudie.
“Insufferable,” said cheap nike air max the countess.
“She made her way into the palace once, before I knew anything about her, and I cannot tell you how dreadfully indecent her conduct was.”
“Was it?” said the delighted countess.
“Insufferable,” said the prelatess.
“But why does she lie on a sofa?” asked Lady De Courcy.
“She has only one leg,” replied Mrs. Proudie.
“Only one leg!” said Lady De Courcy, who felt to a certain degree dissatisfied that the signora was thus incapacitated. “Was she born so?”
“Oh, no,” said Mrs. Proudie — and her ladyship felt some what recomforted by the assurance —“she had two. But that Signor Neroni beat her, I believe, till she was obliged to have one amputated. At any rate, she entirely lost the use of it.”
“Unfortunate creature!” said the countess, who herself knew something of matrimonial trials.
“Yes,” said Mrs. Proudie, nike air max “one would pity nike air max sale her in spite of her past bad conduct, if she now knew how to behave herself. But she does not. She is the most insolent creature I ever put my eyes on.”
“Indeed she is,” said Lady De Courcy.
“And her conduct with men is so abominable that she is not fit to be admitted into any lady’s drawing-room.”
“Dear me!” said the countess, becoming again excited, happy and merciless.
“You saw that man standing near her — the clergyman with the red hair?”
“Yes, yes.”
“She has absolutely ruined that man. The bishop — or I should rather take the blame on myself, for it was I— I brought him down from London to Barchester. He is a tolerable preacher, an active young man, and I therefore introduced him to the bishop. That woman, Lady De Courcy, has got hold of him and has so disgraced him that I am forced to require th blazers at he shall leave the palace; and I doubt very much whether he won’t lose his gown!”
“Why, what an idiot the man must be!” said the countess.
“You don’t know the intriguing villainy of that woman,” said Mrs. Proudie, rememberi nike air max 95 ng her torn flounces.
“But you say she has only got one leg!”
“She is as full of mischief as tho’ she had ten. Look at her eyes, Lady De Courcy. Did you ever see such e yes in a decent woman’s head?”
“Indeed, I never did, Mrs. Proudie.”
“And her effrontery, and her voice! I quite pity her poor father, who is really a good sort of man.”
“Dr. Stanhope, isn’t he?”
“Yes, Dr. Stanhope. He is one of our prebendarie nike air max classic s — a good, quiet sort of man himself. But I am surprised that he should let his daughter conduct herself as she does.”
“I suppose he can’t help it,” said the countess.
“But a clergyman, yo cheap nike air max u know, Lady De Courcy! He should at any rate prevent her from exhibiting in public, if he cannot induce her to behave at home. But he is to be pitied. I believe he has a desperate life of it with the lot of them. That apish-looking man there, with the long beard and the loose trousers — he is the woman’s brother. He is nearly as bad as she is. They a nike air max 1 re both of them infidels.”
“Infidels!” said Lady De Courcy, “and their father a prebendary!”
“Yes, and likely to be the new dean, too,” said Mrs. Proudie.
“Oh, yes, poor dear Dr. Trefoil!” said the countess, who had once in her life spoken to that gentleman. “I was so distressed to hear cheap nike blazers it, Mrs. Proudie. And so Dr. Stanhope is to be the new dean! He comes of an excellent family, and I wish him success in spite of his daughter. Perhaps, Mrs. Proudie, when he is dean, they’ll be better able to see the error of their ways.”
To this Mrs. Proudie said nothing. Her dislike of the Signora Neroni was too deep to admit of her even hoping that that lady should see the error of her ways. Mrs. Proudie looked on the signora as one of the lost nike air max 90 — one of those beyond 8

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