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act of her not answering, and the final touch of well-being which her gesture gave, reminded him of other summer days they had spent together long rambling boy-and-girl days in the hot woods and fields, when they had never thought of talking to each other unless there was something they particularly wanted to say. His tired fancy strayed off for a second to the thought of what it would have been like come back, at the end of the day, to such a swee nike air max 90 sale t community of silence; but his mind was too crowded with importunate facts for any lasting view of cheap nike air max visionary distances. The thought faded, and he merely felt how restful it was to have her nike air max 90 near…
“I’m glad you stayed in town: you must let me come again,” he said.
“I supp nike air max sale ose you can’t always get away,” she answered; and she began to listen, with grave intelligent eyes, to his description of his tedious days.
With her eyes on him he felt the exquisite relief of talking about himself as he had not dared to talk to any one since his marriage. He would not for the world have confessed his discouragement, his consciousness of incapacity; to Undine and in Washington Square any hint of failure would have been taken as a criticism of what his wife demanded of him. Only to Clare Van Degen could he cry out his present desponde nike tns ncy and his loathing of the interminable task ahead.
“A man doesn’t know till he tries it how kil nike air max 1 ling uncongenial work is, and how it destroys the power of doing what one’s fit for, even cheap nike air max trainers if there’s time for both. But there’s Paul to be looked out for, and I daren’t c Cheap Nike TN huck my job–I’m in mortal terror of its chucking me…”
Little by little he slipped into a detailed recital of all his lesser worries, the most recent of which was his experience with the Lipscombs, who, after a two months’ tenancy of the West End Avenue house, had decamped without paying their rent.
Clare laughed contemptuously. “Yes–I heard he’d come to grief and been suspended from the Stock Exchange, and I see in the papers that his wife’s retort has been to sue for a divorce.”
Ralph knew that, like all their clan, his cousin regarded a divorce-suit Nike TN as a vulgar and unnecessary way of taking the public into one’s confidence. His mind flashed ba nike air max classic ck to the family feast in Washington Square in celebration of his engagement. He recall ed his grandfather’s chance allusion to Mrs. Lipscomb, and Undine’s answer, fluted out on her highest note: “Oh, I guess she’ll get a divorce pretty soon. He’s been a disappointment to her.”
Ralph could still hear the horrified murmur with which his mother had rebuked his laugh. For he had laughed–had thought Undine’s speech fresh and natural! Now he felt the ironic rebound of her words. Heaven knew he had been a disappointment to her; and what was there in her own feeling, or in her inherited prejudices, to prevent her seeking the same redress as Mabel Lipscomb? He wondered if the same thought were in his cousin’s mind…
They began to t nike air max alk of other things: books, pictures, plays; and one by one the closed doors opened and light cheap nike air max was let into dusty shuttered places. Clare’s mind was neither keen nor deep: Ralph, nike air max 95 in the past, had smiled at her rash ardours and vague intensities. But she had his own range of al①

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