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idseason, and the dread of seeing familiar faces kept her shut up in her room at the Malibran, reading novels and brooding over possibilities of escape. North Face Sale She tried to avoid the daily papers, but they formed the staple diet of her parents, and now and then she could not help taking one up and turning to the “Society Column.” Its perusal produced the impr north face of the eiger ession that the season must be the gayest New York had ever known. The Harmon B. Driscolls, young Jim and his wife, the Thurber Van Degens, the Chauncey Ellings, and all the other Fifth Avenue potenta north face size chart tes, seemed to have their doors perpetually open to a stream of feasters among whom the familiar presences of Grace Beringer, Bertha Shallum, Dicky Bowles and Cl north face sale aud Walsingham Popple came and went with the irritating sameness of the figures in a stage-procession.
Among them also Peter Van Degen presently appeared. He had been on a tour around the world, and Undine could not look at a newspaper without seeing some allusion to his progress. After his return she noticed that his name was usually coupled with his wife’s: he an north face outlet d Clare seemed to be celebrating his home-coming in a series of festivities, and Undine guessed that he h north face sale ad reasons for wishing to keep before the world the evidences of his conjugal accord.
Mrs. Heeny’s clippings supplied her with such items as her own reading missed; and one day the masseuse appeared with a long article from the leading journal of Little Rock, describing the brilliant nuptials of Mabel Lipscomb–now Mrs. Homer Branney–and her departure for north face “the Coast” in the bridegroom’s private car. This put the last touch to Undine’s irritation, and the next morning she got up earlier than usual, put on her most effective dress, went for a quick walk around the Park, and told her father when she came in that she wanted him to take her to the opera that evening.
Mr. Spragg stared and frowned. “You mean you want me to go round and hire a box for you?”
“Oh, no.” Undine coloured at the infelicitous allusion: besides, she kne Cheap North Face w now that the smart people who were “musical” went in stalls.
“I only want two good seats. I cheap north face jackets don’t see why I should stay shut up. I want you to go with me,” she added.
Her father received the latter part of the request with North Face Jackets out comment: he seemed to have gone beyond surprise. But he appeared that evening at dinner in a creased and loosely fitting dress-suit which he had probably not put on since the last time he had dined with his son-in-law, and he and Undine drove off together, leaving Mrs. Sp north face arctic parka ragg to gaze after them with the pale stare of Hecuba.
Their stalls were in the middle of the house, and around them swept the great curve of boxes at which Undine had north face fleece so often looked up in the remote Stentorian days. Then all had been one indistinguishable glitter, now the scene was full of familiar details: the house was throng north face gilet ed with people she knew, and every box seemed to contain a parcel of her past. At first she had shrunk from recognit①

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