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“ moncler sale authentic ‘In that case,’ he replied, ‘I shall be forced to remember that you are a treasure in yourself. And I shall be under the painful necessity of pressing my claim to you on the attention of one of those two gentlemen whom I saw with you at the opera — the gentleman, of course, who is now honored by your preference, and who lives provisionally in the light of your smiles.’
“I made him no answer, for I had no moncler sale answer to give. Disputing his right to claim me from anybody would have been a mere waste of words. He knew as well as I did that he had not the shadow of a claim on me. But the mere attempt to raise it would, as he was well aware, lead necessarily to the exposure of moncler sale coats my whole past life.
“Still keeping silence, I looke cheap moncler sale d out over the sea. I don’t know why, except that I instinctively looked anywhere rather than look at him .
“A little sailing-boat was approaching the shore. The man steering was hidden from me by the sail; but the boat was so near that I thought I recognized the flag on the mast. I looked at my watch. Yes! It was Armadale coming over from Santa Lucia at his usual time, to visit us in his usual way.
“Before I had put my watch back in my belt, the means of extricating myself from the frightful position I was placed in showed themselves to me as plainly as I see them now.
“I turned and led the way to the higher part moncler sale womens jackets of the beach, where some fishing-boats were drawn up which completely screened us from the view of any one landing on the shore below. Seeing probably tha moncler jacket sale t I had a purpose of some kind, Manuel followed me without uttering a word. As soon as we were safely under the shelter of the boats, I forced myself, in my own defense, to look at him again.
“‘What should you say,’ I asked, ‘if I was rich instead of poor? Wh moncler outlet at should you say if I could afford to give you a hundred pounds?’
“He started. I saw plainly that he had not expected so much as half the sum I had mentioned. It is needless to add that his tongue lied, while his face spoke the truth, and that when he replied to me the answer was, ‘Nothing like enough.’
“‘Suppose,’ I went on, without taking any notice of what he had said, ‘that I could show you a way of helping yourself to twice as much — three times as much — five times as much as a hundred pounds, are you bold enough to put out your hand and take it?’
“The gre moncler sale edy glitter came into his eyes once more. His voice dropped low, in breathless expectation of my next words.
“‘Who is the person?’ he asked. ‘And what is the risk?’
“I answered him at once, in the plainest terms. I threw Armadale to him, as I might have thrown a http://monclersaler.co.uk/ piece of meat to a wild beast who was pursuing me.
“‘The person is a rich young Englishman,’ I said. ‘He has just hired the yacht called the Dorothea , in the harbor here; and he stands in need of a sailing-master and a crew. You were once an officer in the Spanish navy — you speak English and Italian perfectly — you are thoroughly well acquainted with Naples and all that belongs to it. The rich young Englishman is ignorant of the language, and the interpreter who assists him knows nothing of the sea. He is at his wits’ end for want of useful help in this stra ralph lauren sale nge place; he has no more knowledge of the world than that child who is digging holes with a stick there in the sand; and he carries all his money with him in circular notes. So much for the person. As for the risk, estimate it for yourself.’
“The greedy glitter i moncler sale for kids n his eyes grew brighter and brighter with every word I said. He was plainly ready to face the risk before I had done speaking.
“‘When can I see the Englishman?’ he asked, eagerly.
“I moved to the seaward end of the fishing-boat, and saw that Armadale was at that moment disembarking on the shore.
“‘You can see him now,’ I answered, and pointed to the place.
“After a long look at Armadale walking carelessly up the slope of the beach, Manuel drew back again under the shelter of the boat. He waited a moment, considering something carefully with himself, and put moncler men sale another question to me, in a whisper this time.
“‘When the moncler sell vessel is manned,’ he said, ‘and the Englishman sails from Naples, how many friends sail with him?’
“‘He has but two friends here,’ I replied; ‘that other gentleman whom you saw with me at the opera, and my moncler jackets self. He will invite us both to sail with him; and when the time comes, we shall both refuse.’
“‘Do you answer for that?’
“‘I answer for it positively.’ ③

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