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had been standing, and two tears formed on her lashes and fell.
Moffatt sat do cheap nike air max trainers wn beside her, and both were silent. She had never seen him at a loss cheap nike air max before. She made no attempt to draw nearer, or to use any of the arts of nike air max cajolery; but presently she said, without rising: “I saw you look at your watch when I came in. I suppose somebody else is waiting for you.”
“It don’t matter.”
“Some other woman?”
“It don’t matter. nike air max sale “
“I’ve wondered so often–but of course I’ve got no right to ask.” She stood up slowly, understanding that he meant to let her go.
“Just tell me one thing–did you never miss me?”
“Oh, damnably!” he brought out with sudden bitterness.
She came nearer, sinking her voice to a low whisper. “It’s the only time I ever really cared–all through!”
He had risen too, and they stood intensely gazing at each other. Moffatt’s face was fixed and g rave, as she had seen it in hours she now found herself rapidly reliving.
“I believe you DID,” he said.
“Oh, Elmer–if nike air max 90 sale I’d known–if I’d only known!”
He made no answer, and she turned away, touching with an unconscious hand the edge of the lapis bowl among hi nike air max 95 s papers.
“Elmer, if you’re going away it can’t do any harm to tell me–is there any one else?”
He gave a laugh that seemed to shake him free. “In that kind of way? Lord, no! Too bu cheap nike air max 90 sy!”
She came close again and laid a hand on his shoulder. “Then why not–why shouldn’t we–?” She leaned her head back so that her gaze slanted up through her wet lashes. “I can do as I please–my husband does. They think so diffe cheap nike air max rently about marriage over here: it’s just a business contract. As long as a woman doesn’t make a show of herself no one cares.” She put her other hand up, so that she held him facing her. “I’ve always felt, all through everything, that I belonged to you.”
Moffatt left her h nike air max 90 ands on his shoulders, but did not lift his own to clasp them. For a moment she thought she had mistaken him, and a leaden sense of shame descended on her. Then he asked: “You say your husband goes with other women?”
Lili Estradina’s taunt flashed through her and she seized on it. “People have told me s nike air max 1 o–his own relations have. I’ve never stooped to spy on him….”
“And the cheap nike air max trainers women in your set–I suppose it’s taken for granted they all do the same?”
She laughed.
“Everything fixed up for them, same as it is for the husbands, eh? Nobody meddles or mak cheap nike air max es trouble if you know the ropes?”
“No, nobody … it’s all quite easy….” She stopped, her faint smile checked, as his backward movement made her hands drop from his shoulders.
“And that’s what you’re proposing to me? That you and I should do like the rest of ’em?” His f nike air max classic ace had lost its comic roundness and grown harsh and dark, as it had when her father had taken her away from him at Opake. He turned on his heel, walked the length of the room and halted with his back to her in the embrasure of the window. There he paused a full minute, his hands in his pockets, staring out at the perpetual interweaving of motors in the luminous setting of the square. Then he turned and s

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