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The answer, after some little hesitation and delay, was that Mr. Armadale had gone awa nike free run 2 y six days since. A second waiter added that Mr. Armadale’s friend — Mr. Midwinter — had only left that morning. Where had Mr. Armadale gone? Somewhere into the country. Where had Mr. Midwinter gone? Nobody knew.
Mr. Bashwood looked at his son in speechless and helpless dismay.
“Stuff and nonsense!” said Bashwood the younger, pushing his father back roug nike free run hly nike free 3.0 sale into the cab. “He’s safe enough. We shall find him at Miss Gwilt’s.”
The old man took his son’s hand and kissed it. “Thank you, my dear,” he said, gratefully. “Thank you for comforting me.”
The cab was driven next to the second lodging which Miss Gwilt had occupied, in the neighborhood of Tottenham Court Road.
“Stop here,” said the spy, getting out, and shutting his father into the cab. “I mean to manage this part of the business myself.”
He knocked at the house door. “I have got a note for Miss Gwilt,” he said, walking into the passage, the moment the door nike free run plus was opened.
“She’s gone,” answered the servant. “She went away last night.”
Bashwood the younger wasted no more words with the servant. He insisted cheap nike free run 2 on seeing th nike free e mistress. The mistress confirmed the announcement of Miss Gwilt’s departure on the previous even nike free run 2 review ing. Where had she gone to? The woman couldn’t say. How had she left? On foot. At what hour? Bet nike free 5.0 v4 ween nine and ten. What had she done with her luggage? She had no luggage. Had a gentleman been to see her on the previous day? Not a soul, gentle or simple, had come to the house to see Miss Gwilt.
The father’s face, pale and wild, was looking out of the cab window as the son descended the house steps. “Isn’t she there, Jemmy?” he asked, faintly —“isn’t she there?”
“Hold your tongue,” cried the spy, with the native coarse nike free review ness of his nature rising to the surface at last. “I’m not at the end of my inquiries yet.”
He crossed the road, and entered a coffee-shop situated exactly opposite the house he had just left. nike free 3.0 review
In the box nearest the window two men were sitting talking together anxiously.
“Which of you wa nike free run 3 s on duty yester nike free trainers uk day evening, between nine and ten o’clock?” asked Bashwood the younger, suddenly joining them, and putting nike free running shoes his question in a quick, peremptory whisper.
“I was, sir,” said one of the men, unwillingly.
“Did you lose sight of the house?— Yes! I see you did.”
“Only for a minute, sir. An infernal blackguard of a soldier came in —”
“That will do,” said Bashwood the younger. “I know what the soldier did, and who sent him to do it. She has given us the slip ag
Part 4 Chapter 1 Miss Gwilt’s Diary ③

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