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“Ha, ha, ha! That’s rich, too!” and so the simple partner explained a great deal about the Virginian to Molly Wood. At the end of the set she saw the man by the door take a step in her direction.
“Oh,” said she, quickly, to the partner, “how warm it is! I must see how those babies are doing.” And she passed the Virginian in a breeze of unconcern.
His eyes gravely lingered where she had gone. “She knowed me nike tns right away,” said he. He looked for a moment, then leaned against the door. “‘How warm it is!’ said she. Well, it ain’t so screechin’ hot hyeh; and as for rushin’ after Alfred and Christopher, when their natural motheh is bumpin’ around handy–she cert’nly can’t be offended?” he broke off, and looked again where she had gone. And then Miss Wood passed him brightly again, and was dancing the schottische almost immediately. “Oh, yes, she knows me,” the swarthy cow-puncher mused. “She has to take trouble not to see me. Cheap Nike TN And what she’s a-fussin’ at is mighty interestin’. Hello!”
“Hello!” returned Lin McLean, sourly. He had just looked into the kitchen.
“Not dancin’?” the Southerner inquired.
“Don’t know how.”
“Had scyarlet fever and forgot your past life?”
Len grinned.
“Better persuade the schoolmarm to learn it. She’s goin’ to give me instruction.”
“Huh!” went Mr. McLean, and skulked out to the barrel.
“Why, they claimed you weren’t drinkin’ this month!” said his friend, following.
“Well, I am. Here’s luck!” The two pledged in tin cups. “But I’m not waltzin’ with her,” blurted Mr. McLean grievously. “She called me an exception.”
“Waltzin’,” repeated the Virginian quickly, and hearing the fiddles he hastened away.
Few in the Bear Creek Country could waltz, and with these few it was mostly an unsteered and ponderous exhibition; therefore was the Southerner bent upon profiting by his skill. He entered the room, and his lady saw him come where she sat alone for the moment, and her thoughts grew a little hurried.
“Will you try a turn, ma’am?”
“I beg nike air max your pardon?” It was a remote, well-schooled eye that she lifted now upon him.
“If you like a waltz, ma’am, will you waltz with me?”
“You’re from Virginia, I understand?” said Molly Wood, regarding him politely, but not rising. One gains authority immensely by keeping one’s seat. All good teachers know this.
“Yes, ma’am, from Virginia.”
“I’ve heard that Southerners have such good manners.”
“That’s correct.” The c nike air max 90 sale ow-puncher flushed, but he spoke in his unvaryingly gentle voice.
“For in New England, you know,” pursued Miss Molly, noting his scarf and clean-shaven chin, and then again steadily meeting his eye, “gentlemen ask to be presented to ladies before they ask them to waltz.”
He stood a moment before her, deeper and deeper scarlet; and the more she saw his handsome face, the keener rose her excitement. She waited for him to speak of the river; for then she was going to be surprised, and gradually to remember, and finally to be very nice to him. But he did not wait. “I ask your pardon, lady,” said he, and bowing, walked off, leaving her at once afraid that he might not come back. But she had altogether mistaken her man. Back he came serenely with Mr. Taylor, and was duly presented to her. Thus were the conventions vindicated.
It cheap nike air max can never be nike air max sale known what the cow-puncher was going to say next; for Uncle Hughey stepped up with a glass of water which he had left Wood to bring, and asking for a turn, most graciously received it. She danced away from a situation where she began to feel herself getting the worst of it. One moment the Virginian stared at his lady as she lightly circulated, and then he went out to the barrel.
Leave him for Uncle Hershey! Jealousy is a deep and delicate thing, and works its spite in many ways. The Virginian had been ready to look at Lin McLean with a hostile eye; but finding him now beside the barrel, he felt a brotherhood between himself and Lin, and his hostility had taken a new and whimsica nike air max 1 l direction.
“Here’s how!” said he to McLean. And they pledged each other in the tin cups.
“Been gettin’ them instructions?” said Mr. Nike TN McLean, grinning. “I thought I saw yu’ learning your steps through the window.”
“Here’s your good health,” said the Southerner. Once more they pledged each other handsomely.
“Did she call you an exception, or anything?” said Lin.
“Well, it would cipher out right close in that neighborhood.”
“Here’s how, then!” cried the delighted Lin, over his cup.
“Jest because yu’ happen to come from Vermont,” continued Mr nike air max classic . McLean, “is no cause for extra pride. Shoo! I was raised in Massachusetts myself, and big men have been raised there, too,–Daniel Webster and Israel Putnam: and a lot of them politicians.”
“Virginia is a good little old state,” observed the Southerner.
“Both of ’em’s a sight ahead of Vermont. She told me I was the first exception she’d struck.”
“What rule were you provin’ at the time, Lin?”
“Well yu’ see, I started to kiss her.”
“Yu’ didn’t!”
“Shucks! I didn’t mean n othin’.”
“I reckon yu’ stopped mighty sudden?”
“Why, I’d been ridin’ out with her–ridin’ to school, ridin’ from school, and a-comin’ and a-goin’, and she chattin’ cheerful and askin’ me a heap o’ questions all about myself every day, and I not lyin’ much neither. And so I figured she wouldn’t mind. Lots of ’em like it. But she didn’t, you bet!”
“No,” said the Virginian, deeply proud of his lady who had slighted him. He had pulled her out of the water once, and he had been her unrewarded knight even to-day, and he felt his grievance; but he spoke not of it to Lin; for he felt also, in memory, her arms clinging round him as he carried her ashore upon his horse. But he muttered, “Plumb ridiculous!” as her injustice struck him afresh, while the outraged McLean told his tale.
“Trample is what she has done on me to-night, and without notice. We was startin’ to come here; Taylor a nike air max 95 nd Mrs. were ahead in the buggy, and I was holdin’ her horse, and helpin’ her up in the saddle, like I done for days and days. Who was there to see us? And I figured she’d not mind, and she calls me an exception! Yu’d ought to’ve just heard her about Western men respectin’ women. So that’s the last word we’ve spoke. We come twenty-five miles then, she scootin’ in front, and her horse kickin’ the sand in my face. Mrs. Taylor, she guessed something was up, but she didn’t tell.”
“Miss Wood did not tell?”
“Not she! She’ll never open her head. She can take care of herself, you bet!” The fiddles sounded hilariously in the house, and the feet also. They had warmed up altogether, and their dancing figures crossed the windows back and forth. The two cow-punchers drew near to a window and looked in gloomily.
“There she goes,” said Lin.
“With Uncle Hughey again,” said the Virginian, sourly. “Yu’ might suppose he didn’t have a wife and tw nike air max 90 ins, to see the way he goes gambollin’ around.”
“Westfall is takin’ a turn with her now,” said McLean.
“James!” exclaimed the Virginian. “He’s another with a wife and fam’ly, and he gets the dancin’, too.”
“There she goes with Taylor,” said Lin, presently.
“Another married man!” the Southerner commented. They prowled round to the store-room, and passed through the kitchen to where the dancers were robustly tramping. Miss Wood was still the partner of Mr. Taylor. “Let’s have some whiskey,” said the Virginian. They had it, and returned, and the Virginian’s disgust and sense of injury grew deeper. “Old Carmody has got her now,” he drawled. “He polkas like a landslide. She learns his monkey-faced kid to spell dog and cow all the mawnin’. He’d ought to be tucked up cosey in his bed right now, old Carmody ought.”
They were standing in that place set apart for the sleeping children; and just at this moment one of two babies that were stowed beneath a chair uttered a drowsy note. A much louder cry, indeed a chorus of lament, would have cheap nike air max trainers been needed to reach the ears of the parents in the room beyond, such was the noisy volume of the dance. But in this quiet place the light sound caught Mr. McLean’s attention, and he turned to see if anything were wrong. But both babies were sleeping peacefully.
“Them’s Uncle Hughey’s twins,” he said.
“How do you happen to know that?” inquired the Virginian, suddenly interested.
“Saw his wife put ’em under the cha cheap nike air max ir so she could find ’em right off when she come to go home.”
“Oh,” said the Virginian, thoughtfully. “Oh, find ’em right off. Yes. Uncle Hughey’s twins.” He walked to a spot from which he could view the dance. “Well,” he continued, returning, “the schoolmarm must have taken quite a notion to Uncle Hughey. He has got her for this quadrille.” The Virginian was now speaking without rancor; but his words came with a slightly augmented drawl, and this with him was often a bad omen. He now turned his eyes upon the collected babies wrapped in various colored shawls and knitted work. “Nine, ten, eleven, beautiful sleepin’ strangers,” he counted, in a sweet voice. “Any of ’em your’n, Lin?”
“Not that I know of,” grinned Mr. McLean.
“Eleven, twelve. This hyeh is little Christopher in the blue-stripe quilt–or maybe that other yello’-head is him. The angels have commenced to drop in on us right smart along Bear Creek, Lin.”
“What trash are yu’ talkin’ anyway?” ③

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