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e where he hung them on a bush and beat them vigorously.
„There,“ he concluded, „now they’re ours.“
„What about the fellows who had ‚em before?“ inquired Bob.
„They probably had abo cheap nike air max ut eight apiece; and if they hadn’t they can bunk to cheap nike air max trainers gether.“
Bob walked to the edge of the stream. It was not very wide, yet at this point it carried from three to six or eight feet of water, according to the bottom. A few logs were stranded along shore. Two or three more floated by, the forerunners of the drive. Bob could see where the highest water had flung debris among the bushes, and by that he knew that the stream must be already dropping from its freshet.
It was now late in the afternoon. The sun dipped behind a cold and austere hill-line. Against the sky showed a fringe of delicate popples, like spray frozen in the rise. The heavens near the horizon were a cold, pale yellow of unguessed lucent depths, that shaded above into an equally cold, pale green. Bob thrust his hands in his pockets and turned back to where t nike air max classic he drying fire, its fuel replenished, was leaping nike air max sale across the gathering dusk.
Immediately after, the driving crews came tramping in from upstream. They paid no attention to the newcomers, but dove first for the tent, then for the fire. There they began to pull off their lower garments, and Bob saw that most of them were drenched from the waist down. The drying racks were soon steaming with wet clothes.
Welton fell into low conversation with an old man, straight and slender as a Norway pine, with blue eyes, flaxen hair, eyebrows and moustache. This was Larsen, in charge of the jam, honest, capable in his way, slow of speech, almost childlike of glance. After a few minutes Welton rejoined Bob.
„He’s a square peg, all right,“ he muttered, more to himself than to his companion. „He’s a good riverman, but he’s no river boss. To cheap nike air max o easy-going. Well, all he has to do is to direc cheap nike air max 90 t the work, luckily. If anything really goes wrong, Darrell would be down in two jumps.“
„Grub pile!“ remarked the cook conversationally.
The men seized the utensils from a heap of them, and began to fill their plates from the kettles on the table.
„Come on, bub,“ said Welton, „dig in! It’s a long time till breakfast!“
Part 1 Chapter 13
The cook was early a foot next morning. Bob, restless with the uneasiness of the first night out of doors, saw the flicker of the fire against the tent ca cheap nike air max nvas long before the first signs of daylight. In fact, the gray had but faintly lightened the velvet black of the night when the cook thrust his head inside the big sleeping tents to utter a wild yell of reveille.
The men stirred sleepily, stretched, yawned, finally kicked aside their blank nike air max 90 ets. Bob stumbled into the outer air. The chill of early morning struck into his bones. Teeth chattering, he hurried to the river bank where he stripped and splashed his body with the bracing water. Then he rubbed down with the little towel Tommy Gould had allowed him. The reaction in this chill air was slo cheap nike air max trainers w in coming–Bob soon learned that the early cold bath out of doors is a superstition–and he shivered from time to time as he propped up his little mirror against a stump. Then he shaved, anointing his face after the careful manner of college boys. This satisfactorily completed, he fished in his duffle bag to find his tooth brush and soap. His hair he arranged nike air max 90 sale painstakingly with a pair of military brushes. He further manipulated a nail-brush vigorously, and ended with manicuring his nails. Then, clean, vigorous, fres nike air max 1 h, but somewhat chilly, he packed away his toilet things and started for camp.
Whereupon, for the first time, he became aware of one of the rivermen, pipe clenched between his teeth, watching him sardonically.
Bob nodded, and made as though to pass.
„Oh, bub!“ said the older man.
Bob stopped.
„Say,“ drawled the riverman, „air you as much trouble to yourself _every_ day as this?“
Bob laughed, and dove for camp. He found it practically deserted. The men had eaten breakfast and departed for work. Welton greeted him.
„Well, bub,“ said he, „didn’t know but we’d lost yo nike air max 95 u. Feed your face, and we’ll go upstream.“
Bob ate rapidly. After breakfast Welton struck into a well-trodden foot trail that led by a circuitous route up the river bottom, over points of land, around swamps. Occasionally it forked. Then, Welton explained, one f ork was always a short cut across a bend, while the other followed accurately the extreme bank of the river. They took this latter and longest trail, always, in order more closely to examine the state of the drive. As they proceeded upstream they came upon more and more logs, some floating free, more stranded gently along the banks. After a time they encountere nike air max d the first of the driving crew. This man was standing on an extreme point, leaning on his peavy, watching the timbers float past. Pretty soon several logs, held together by natural cohesion, floated to the bend, hesitated, swung slow

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