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, he couldn’t for the moment afford anything better; and this announcement cast a deep nike air max classic er gloom over the future.
It was not an occasion for being „nervous,“ however; she had learned to nike outlet store o many hard facts in the last few months to think of having recourse to her youthful methods. And something told her that if she made the attempt it would be useless. Her father and mother seemed much older, seemed tired and defeated, like herself.
Parents and daughter bore their common failure in a common silence, broken only by Mrs. Spragg’s occasional tentative allusions to her grandson. But her nike air max 90 anecdotes of Paul left a deeper silence behind them. Undine did not want to talk of her boy. She could forget him when, as she put it, things were „going her way,“ but in moments of discouragement the thought of him was an added bitterness, subtly different from h Nike Outlet er other bitter thoughts, and harder to quiet. It had not occurred to her to try to gain possession of the child. She was vaguely aware that the cheap nike air max courts had g nike air max iven her his custody; but she had never seriously thought of asserting this claim. Her parents‘ diminished means and her own uncertain future made her regard the care of Paul as an additional burden, and she quieted her scruples by thinking of him as „better off“ with Ralph’s family, and of herself as rather touchingly disinterested in putting his welfare before her own. Poor Mrs. Spragg was pining for him, but Undine rejected her artless suggestion that Mrs. Heeny should be sent to „bring him round.“ „I wouldn’t ask them a favour for cheap nike air max the world–they’re just waiting for a chance to be hateful to me,“ she scornfully declared; but it pained her that her boy, should be so near, yet inaccessible, and for the first time she was visited by unwonted questionings as to her share in the misfortunes that had bef nike air max sale allen her. She had voluntarily stepped out of her social frame, and the only person on whom she could with any satisfaction have laid the blame was the person to whom her mind now turned with a belated tenderness. It was thus, in fact, that she thought of Ralph. His pride, his reserve, all the cheap nike air max trainers secret expressions of his devotion, the tones of his voice, his quiet manner, even his disconcerting irony: these seemed, in contrast to what she had since known, the qualities essential to her happiness. She could console herself only by regarding it as part of her sad lot that poverty and the relentless animosity of his family, should have put an end to so perfect a union: she gradually began to look on herself and Ralph as the victims of dark machinations nike air max 95 , and when she mentioned him she spoke forgivingly, and implied that nike air max 1 „everyth Nike Outlet UK ing might have been different“ if „people“ had not „come between“ them. She had arrived in New York in midseason, and the dread of seeing familiar faces kept her shut up in her room at the Malibran, reading novels and brooding over possibilities of escape. She tried to avoid the daily papers, but they formed the staple diet of her parents, and now and then she could not help taking one up and turning to the „Society Column.“ Its perusal produced the impression that the season must be the gayest New York had ever known. The Harmon B. Driscolls, young Jim and his wife, the Thurber Van Degens, th nike air max 90 sale e Chauncey Ellings, and all the ①

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