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worthy Paradise, and would attain it, for they believed in him. Faith in the Prophet of God was more essential than faith in God. Such was the inspiration of Islam. A sinking of spirit fell upon the unhappy man. He felt a twinge of the bitterness always waiting on failure, where the undertaking, whatever it be, has enlisted the whole heart. At such times instinctively we turn here and there for help, and in its absence, for comfort and consolation; what should he do now but advert to Christianity? What would Christians say of his idea? Was God lost in Ch nike air max 1 leopard rist as he was here in Mahomet?
Part 2 Chapter 6 The Prince And The Emir
In the reception room of the Prince’s tent the lamps are lighted; one fastened to the stout centre pole, and five others on as many palings planted in the nike air max 1 ground, all burning brightly. The illumination is enriched by the admirable blending of colors in the canopy of shawls. Within the space defined by the five lamps, on a tufted rug, the Mystic and the Emir are seated, both in Ihram, and looking cool and comfortable, though the night outside still testifies to the heat of the day.
A wooden trencher, scoured white as ivory, separates the friends, leavin g them face to face. In supping they have reached what we call the dessert.
On the trencher are slender baskets containing grapes, figs, and dates, the choicest of the gardens of Medina. A jar of honey, an assortment of dry biscuits, and two jugs, o Air Max 1 ne of water, the other of juice of pomegranates, with drinking cups, complete the board.
At this age, Orientals lingering at table have the cheer of coffee and tobacco; unhappily for the two of whom we are writing, neither of the great narcotics was discovered. Nevertheless it should not be supposed the fruits, the honey, and the waters failed to content them. Behind the host is the negro we already know as Nilo. He is very watchful of his master’s every motion.
As guest and host appear now the formalism of acquaintanceship just made has somewhat disapp cheap air max 1 eared, and they are talking easily and with freedom. Occasionally a movement of one or the other brings his head to a favorable angle, whereat the light, dropping on the freshly shaven crown, is sharply glinted back.
The Emir has been speaking of the plague.
“At Medina I was told it had run its course,” the host remarked nike air max 1 sale .
“True, O Hadji, but it has returned, and with greater violence. The stragglers were its victims; now it attacks indiscriminately. Yesterday the guard I keep in the rear came to a pilgrim of rank. His litter was deserted, and he was lying in it dead.”
“The man may have been murdered.”
“Nay,” said the Emir, “gold in large amount was found on his person.”
“But he had other property doubtless?”
“Of great value.”
“What disposition was made of it?”
“It was bro cheap air max 1 ught to me, and is now with other stores in my tent; a law of ancient institution vesting it in the Emir El Hajj.”
The countenance of the Jew became serious.
“The ownership was not in my thought,” he said, waving his hand. “I knew the law; but this scourge of Allah has its laws also, and by one of them we are enjoined to burn or bury whatever is found with the body.”
The Emir, seeing the kindly concern of his host, smiled as he answered:
“But there is a higher law, air max 1 leopard print O Hadji.”
“I spoke without thinking danger of any kind could disturb thee.”
The host drew forward the date basket, and the Emir, fancying he discerned something on his mind besides the fruit, waited his further speech.
“I am reminded of another matter, O brav nike air max 1 ebay e Emir; but as it also is personal I hesitate. Indeed I will not speak of it except with permission.”
“As you will,” the other replied, “I will answer–May the Prophet help me!”
“Blessed be the Prophet!” said the Prince, reverently. “Thy confidence doeth me honor, and I thank thee; at the same time I would not presume upon it if thy tongue were less suggestive of a land whose name is music–Italy. It is in my knowledge, O Emir, that the Sultan, thy master–may Allah keep him in countenance!–hath in his service many excellent soldiers by birth of other countries than his own, broad as it is–Christians, who are none t nike air max 1 black he less of the true faith. Wherefore, wilt thou tell me of thyself?”
The question did not embarrass the Emir.
“The answer must be brief,” he an nike air max 1 grey swered, without hesitation, “because there is little to tell. I do not know my native country. The peculiarity of accent you have mentioned has been observed by others; and as they agreed with you in assigning it to Italy, I am nothing loath to account myself an Italian. T cheap nike air max 1 he few shreds of circumstance which came to me in course of time confirmed the opinion, and I availed myself of a f nike air max 1 premium avorable opportunity to acquire the tongue. In our further speech, O Hadji, you may prefer its use.”
“At thy pleasure,” the host replied; “though there is no danger of our being overheard. Nilo, the slave behind me, has been a mute from birth.”
Then, without the slightest interruption, the Emir changed his speech from Greek to Italian.
“My earliest remembrance is of being borne in a woman’s arms out of doors, under a blue sky, along a margin of white sand, an orchard on one hand, the sea on the other. The report of the waves breaking upon the shore lives distinctly in my memory; so does the color of the trees in the orchard which has since become familiar to me as the green of olives. Equally clear is the reco nike air max 1 red llection that, returning in-doors, I was carried into a house of stone so large it must have been a castle. I speak of it, as of the orchard, and the sea, and the roar of the breakers, quite as much by reference to what I have subsequently seen as from trust in my memory.”8

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