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Here the host interrupted him to remark:
“Though an Eastern, I have been a traveller in the west, and the description reminds me of the eastern shore of Italy in the region of Brindisi.”
“My next recollection,” the Emir resumed, “is a child’s fright, occasioned by furious flames, and thick smoke, and noises familiar now as of battle. There was then a voyage on the sea during which I saw none but bearded men. The period of perfect knowledge so far as my history is concerned began when I found myself an object of the love and care of the wife of a renowned Pacha, governor of the city of Brousa. She called me Mirza. My childhood was spent in a harem, and I passed from it into a school to enter upon my Air Max 1 training as a soldier. In good time I became a Janissary. An opportunity presented itself one day, and I distinguished myself. My master, the Sultan, rewar nike air max 1 ded me by promotion and transfer to the Silihdars, [Footnote: D’Oheson.] the most ancient and favored corps of the Imperial army, it being the body-guard of the Padisha, and garrison of his palace. The yellow flag my ensign carries belongs to that corps. As a further token of his confidence, the Sultan appointed me Emir El Hajj. In these few words, O Hadji, you have my history.”
The listener w nike air max 1 black as impressed with the simplicity of the narrative, and the speaker’s freedom from regret, sorrow, or passion of any kind.
“It is a sad story, O Emir,” he said, sympathetically, “and I cannot think it ended. Knowest thou not more?”
“Nothing of incident,” was the reply. “All that r nike air max 1 grey emains is inferential. The castle was attacked at night by Turks landed from their galleys.”
“And thy father and mother?”
“I never knew them.”
“There is another inference,” said the Prince, suggestively–“they were Christians.”
“Yes, but unbelievers.”
The suppression of natural affection betrayed by the remark still more astonished the host.
“But they believed in God,” he said.
“They should have believed Mahomet was his Prophet.”
“I fear I am giving you pain, O Emir.”
“Dismiss the fear, O Hadji.”
Again the Jew air max 1 leopard print sought the choicest date in the basket. The indifference of his guest was quick fuel to the misgivings which we have already noticed as taking form about his purpose, and sapping and weakening it. To be arbiter in the religious disputes of men, the unique consummation called for by his scheme, the disputants must c oncede him room and hearing. Were all Mohammedans, from whom he hoped most, like this one born of Christians, then the two conditions would be sternly refused him. By the testimony of this witness, there was nothing in the heredity of faith; and it went to his soul incisively that, in stimulating the passions which made the crusades a recurrence of the centuries, he himself had contributed to the defeat now threatening his latest ambi nike air max 1 leopard tion. The sting went to his soul; yet, by force of will, always at command in the presence of strangers, he repressed his feeling, and said:
“Everything is as Allah wills. Let us rejoice that he is our keeper. The determination of our fate, in the sense of what shall happen to us, and what we shall be, and when and where the end shall overtake us, is no more to him than deciding the tint of nike air max 1 ebay the rose before the bud is formed. O Emir, I congratulate you on the resignation with which you accept his judgment. I congratulate you upon the age in which he has cast your life. He who in a moment of uncertainty would inform himself of his future should not heed his intentions and cheap air max 1 hopes; by studying his present conditions, he will find himself an oracle unto himself. He should address his best mind to the question, ‘I am now in a road; if I keep it, where will I arrive?’ And wisdom will answer, ‘What are thy desires? For what art thou fitted? What are the opportunities of the time?’ Most fortunate, O Emir, if there be correspondence between the desire, the fitness, and the opportunity!”
The Emir did not comprehend, and seeing it, the host added with a directness approaching the abrupt:
“And cheap nike air max 1 now to make the reason of nike air max 1 red my congratulations clear, it is necessary that thou consent to my putting a seal upon your lips. What sayest thou?”
“If I engage my silence, O Hadji, it is because I believe you are a good man.”
The dignity of the Emir’s answer did not entirely hide the effect of the Prince’s manner.
“Know thou then,” the latter continued, with a steady, penetrating gaze–“know thou then, there is a Brahman of my acquaintance who is a Magus. I use the word to distinguish him from the necromancers whom the Koran has set in everlasting prohibition. He keeps school in a chapel hid away in the heart of jungles overgrowing a bank of the Bermapootra, not far from the mountain gates of the river. He has many scholars, and his intelligence has compassed all knowledge. He is familiar with the supernatural as with the natural. On my way, I visited nike air max 1 sale him…. Know thou next, O Emir, I too have had occasion to make inquiries of the future. The vulgar would call me an astrologer–not a professional practising for profit, but an adept cheap air max 1 seeking information because it lifts me so much nearer Allah and his sublimest mysteries. Very lately I found a celestial horoscope announcing a change in the status of the world. The masterful waves, as you may know, have for many ages flowed from the West; but now, the old Roman impetus having at last spent itself, a refluence is to set in, and the East in its turn pour a dominating flood upon the West. The de nike air max 1 premium termining stars have slipped their influences. They are in motion. Constantinople is doomed!”
The guest drew a quick breath. 8

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