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aw that his glance had left her and was nike air max 90 ranging across the wide silvery square ahead of them to the congregated domes and spires beyond the river.
“Do you like Paris?” she asked, wondering what theatres he had been to.
“It beats everything.” He seemed nike air max sale to be breathing in deeply the impression of fountains, sculpture, leafy’ avenues and long-drawn architectural distances fading into the afternoon haze.
“I suppose you’ve been to that old church over there?” he went on, his gold-topped stick pointing toward the towers of Notre Dame.
“Oh, of course; when I used to sightsee. Have you never been to Paris before?”
“No, this is my cheap nike air max first look-round. I came across in March.”
“In March?” she echoed inattentively. nike air max classic It never occurred to her that other people’s lives went on when they were out of her range of vision, nike air max 95 and she tried in vain to remember what she had last heard of Moffatt. “Wasn’t that a bad time to leave Wall Street?”
“Well, so-so. Fact is, I was played out: needed a change.” Nothing in his robust mien confirmed the statement, and he did not seem inclined to develop i air max 90 t. “I presume you’re settled here now?” he went on. “I saw by the papers–”
“Yes,” she interrupted; adding, after a moment: “It was all a mistake from the first.”
“Well, I never thought he was your form,” said Moffatt.
His eyes had come back to her, and the look in them struck her as something she might use to her advantage; but the next moment he had Nike Air Max glanced away with a furrowed brow, and she felt she had not wholly fixed his attention.
“I live at the othe nike air max 1 r end of Paris. http://nikeairmaxn90.co.uk/ Why not come back and have tea with me?” she suggested, half moved by a desire to know more of his affairs, and half by the thought that a talk with him might help to shed some light on hers.
In the open taxi-cab he seemed to recover his sense of well-being, and leaned back, his hands on the knob cheap nike air max of his stick, with the air of a man pleasantly aware of nike air max his privileges. “This Paris is a thundering good place,” he repeated once or twice as they rolled on through the crush and glitter of the afternoon; and when they had descended at Undine’s door, and he stood in her drawing-room, and looked out on the horse-chestnut trees rounding their green domes under the balcony, his satisfaction culminated in the comment: “I guess this lays out West End Avenue!”
His eyes met Undine’s with their old twinkle, and their expr cheap nike air max 90 ession encouraged her to murmur: “Of course there are times when I’m very lonely.”
She sat down behind the tea-table, and he stood at a little distance, watching her pull off her gloves with a queer comic twitch of nike air max 90 sale his elastic mouth. “Well, I guess it’s only when you want to be,” he said, grasping a lyre-backed chair by its gilt co cheap nike air max trainers rds, and sitting down astride of it, his light grey trousers stretching too tightly over his plump thighs. Undine was perfectly aware that he was a vulgar over-dressed man, with a red crease of fat above his collar and an impudent swaggering eye; ①

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