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ro melodists, she abandoned her weekly teas for impromptu afternoon dances, and the prim drawing-room in which dowagers had droned echoed with a cosmopolitan hubbub.
Even when the period of tension was over, and Undine had been officially receiv moncler sale coats ed into the family of her betrothed, Madame de Trezac did not at once surrender. She laughingly professed to have had enough of th moncler sale authentic e proprieties, and declared herself bored by the social rites she had hitherto so piously performed. “You’ll always find a corner of home here, dearest, when you get tired of their ceremonies and solemnities,” she moncler outlet said as she embraced the bride after the wedding breakfast; and Undine hoped that the devoted Nettie would in fact provide a refuge from the extreme domesticity of her new state. But since her return to Paris, and her taking up her domicile in the Hotel de Chelles, she had found Madame de Trezac less and less disposed to abet her in any assertion of independence.
“My dear, a woman must adopt her husband’s na ralph lauren sale tionality whether she wants to or not. It’s the law, and it’s the custom besides. If you wanted to amuse yourself with your Nouveau Luxe friends you oughtn’t to have married Raymond–but of course I say moncler sell that only in joke. As if any woman would have hesitated who’d had your chance! Take my advice–keep out of Lili’s set just at first. Later … well, perhaps Raym moncler jackets ond won’t be so particular; but meanwhile you’d make a great mistake to go against his people–” and Madame de moncler sale Trezac, with a “Chere Madame,” swept forward from her tea-table to receive the first of the returning dowagers.
It was about this time that Mrs. Heeny arrived with Paul; and for a while Undine was pleasantly absorbed in her boy. She kept Mrs. Heeny in Paris for a fortnight, and between her more pressing occupations it amused her to listen to the masse moncler men sale use’s New York gossip and her comments on the social organization of the old world. It was Mrs. Heeny’s moncler jacket sale first visit to Europe, and she confessed to Undine that she had always wanted to “see something cheap moncler sale of the aristocracy”–using the phrase as a naturalist might, with no hint of personal pretensions. Mrs. Heeny’s democratic ease was combined with the strictest professional discretion, and it would never have occurred to her to regard herself, or to wish others to regard her, as anything but a manipulator of muscles; but in that character she felt h moncler sale for kids erself entitled to admission to the highest circles.
“They certainly do things with style over here–but it’s kinder one-horse after New York, ain’t it? Is this what they call their season? Why, you dined home two nights last week. They ought to come over to New York and see!” moncler sale And she poured into Undine’s half-envious ear a list of the entertainments which had illuminated the last weeks of the New York winter. “I suppose you’ll begin to give parties as soon as ever you g et into a house of your own. You’re not going to have one? Oh, well, then you’ll give a lot of big week-ends at your place down in the Shatter-country–that’s where the swells all go to in the summer time, ain’t it? But I moncler sale womens jackets dunno what your ma would say if

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