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o entertain cheap nike shoes the idea that it might in some way be of advantage to the child could she become an object of interest to him. Wherefore, as they entered now, he received them with a smile.
Traces of the emotion he had undergone were in the Prince’s face, and when he spoke his voice was tremulous.
“Son of Jahdai,” he said, standing, “I had once a wife and child. They perished-how and when, nike air max sale I cannot trust myself to tell. I h cheap nike air max trainers ave been faithful to their memory. From the day I lost them, I have gone up and down the world hunting for many things which I imagined might renew the happiness I had from them. I have been prodigal of gratitude, admiration, friendship, and goodwill, and bestowed them singly and together, and often; but never have I been without consciousness of something else demanding to be given. Happiness is not all in receiving. nike air max 95 I passed on a long time before it came to me that we are rich in affections not intended for hoarding, and that no one can be truly content without at least one object on which to lavish them. Here”–and he laid his hand on the child’s head–“here is mine, found at last.”
“Lael is a good girl,” Uel said with pride nike air max 90 sale .
“Yes, and as thou lovest her let me love her,” the Pr ince responded. Then, seeing Uel become serious, he added, “To help thee to my meaning, Lael was my child’s name, and she was the image of this one; and as she died when fourteen, thy Lael’s age, it is to me as if the tomb had miraculously rendered its victim back to me.”
“Prince,” said Uel, “had I thought she would not be agreeable to you, I should have been sorry.”
“Understand, son of Jahdai,” the other interposed, “I seek more of thee than thy permission t nike air max classic o love her. I want to do by her as though she were mine naturally.”
“You would not take her from me?”
“No. That would leave thee cheap nike online bereft as I have been. Like me, thou wouldst then go up and down looking for some one to take her place in thy heart. Be thou her father still; only let me help thee fashion her future.”
“Her birthrights are humble,” the shopkeeper ans nike air max 1 wered, doubtfully; for while in his secret heart he was flattered, his paternal feeling started a scruple hard to distinguish from fear.
A light shone brightly in the eyes of the elder Jew, and his head arose.
“Humble!” he said. nike air max 90 “She is a daughter of Israel, an inheritor of the favor of the Lord God, to whom all things are possible. He keeps the destinies of his people. He–not thou or I–knows to what this little one may come. As we love her, let us hope the happ cheap nike air max iest and the highest, and prepare her for it. To this end it were best you allow her to come to me as to another father. I who teach the deaf and dumb to speak–Syama and Nilo the elder–will make her a scholar such as does not often grace a palace. She shall speak the Mediterranean tongues. There shall be no mysteries of India unknown to her. Mathematics shall bring the heavens to her feet. Especially shall she become wise in the Chronicles of God. At the same time, lest she be educated into unfitness for the present conditions of life, and be unsexed, thou shalt find a woman familiar with society, and instal her in thy house as governess and example. If the woman be also of Israel, nike air max so much the better; for then we may expect faithfulness without jealousy. And further, son of Jahdai, be niggardly in nothing concerning our Lael. Clothe her as she were the King’s daughter. At going abroad, which she shall do with me in the street and on the water, I would have her sparkle with jewels, the observed of everybody, even the Emperor. And ask not doubtingly, ‘Whence the money for all this?’ I will find it. What sayest thou now?”
Uel did not hesitate.
“O Prince, as thou dost these things for her–so far beyond the best I can dream of–take her for thine, not less than mine.”
With a beaming countenance, the elder raised the child, and kissed her on the forehead.
“Dost hear?” he cheap nike air max said to her. “Now art thou my daughter.”
She put her arms about his neck, then held them out to Uel, who took her, and kissed her, saying:
“Oh my Gul Bahar!”
“Good!” cried the Prince. “I accept the name. To distinguish the living from the dead, I too will call her my Gul Bahar.”
Thereupon the men sat, and arranged the new relation, omitt cheap nike air max ing nothing possible 8

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