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f it should prove to be a genuine case of maternal feeling, I won’t conceal from you that the outlook’s bad. At most, you could probably arrange to see your boy at stated intervals.”
To see his boy at stated intervals! Ralph wondered how a sane man could sit there, looking responsible and efficie nike air max 95 nt, and talk such rubbish…As he got up to go the lawyer detained him to add: “Of course there’s n nike air max 90 sale o immediate cause for alarm. It will take time to enforce the provision of the Dakota decree in New York, and till it’s done your son can’t be taken from you. But there’s sure to be a lot of nike air max 1 nasty talk in the papers; and you’re bound to lose in the end.”
Ralph thanked him and left.
He sped northward to the Malibran, where he learned that Mr. and Mrs. nike tns Spragg were at dinner. He sent his name down to the subterranean restaurant, and Mr. Spragg presently appeared between the limp portieres of the “Adam” writing-room. He had grown older and heavier, as if illness instead of health had put more flesh on his bones, and there were greyish tints in the hollows of his face.
“What’s this about Paul?” Ralph exclaimed. “My mother’s had a message we can’t make out.”
Mr. Spragg sat down, with the effect of Nike TN immersing his spinal column in the depths of the arm-chair he selected. He crosse nike air max 90 d his legs, and swung one foot to and fro in its high wrinkled boot with elastic sides.
“Didn’t you get a letter?” he asked.
“From my–from cheap nike air max trainers Undine’s lawyers? Yes.” Ralph held it out. “It’s queer reading. She hasn’t hitherto been very keen to have Paul with her.”
Mr. Spragg, adjusting his glasses, read the letter slowly, restored it to the envelope and gave it back. “My daughter has intimated that she wishes these gentlemen to act for her. I haven’t received any additional instructions from her,” he said, with none of the curtness of tone that his stiff legal vocabulary implied.
“But the first communication I received was from you–at least from Mrs. Spragg.”
Mr. Spragg drew his beard through his hand. “The ladies are apt to be a trifle hasty. I believe Mrs cheap nike air max . Spragg had a letter yesterday instructing her to select a reliable escort for Paul; and I suppose she thought–“
“Oh, this is all too preposterous!” Ralph burst out, springing from his seat. “You don’t for nike air max classic a moment imagine, do you–any of you–that I’m going to deliver up my son like a bale of goods in answer to any instructions in God’s world?–Oh, yes, I know–I let Cheap Nike TN him go–I abandoned my right to him…but I didn’t know what I was doing…I was sick with grief and misery. My people were awfully broken up over the whole business, and I wanted to spare them. I wanted, above all, to spare my boy when he grew up. If I’d contested the case you know what the result would have been. I let it go by default–I made no conditions all I wanted was to keep Paul, and never to let him hear a word against his mother!”
Mr. Spragg received this passionate appeal in a silence that implied not so much disdain or indifference, as the total inability to deal verbally with emotional crises. A nike air max sale t length, he said, a slight unsteadiness in his u nike air max sually calm tones: “I presume at the time it was optional with you to demand Paul’s custody.”
“Oh, yes–it was optional,” Ralph sneered.
Mr. Spragg looked at him compassionately. “I’m sorry you didn’t do it,” he said.
Chapter 33
The upshot of Ralph’s visit was that Mr. Spragg, after considerable deliberation, agreed, pending farther negotiations between the cheap nike air max opposing lawyers, to undertake that no attempt should be made to remove Paul

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