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The heads of the party were bare; their countenances becomingly solemn; their Ihram fresh and spotlessly white. Passing slowly on, they were conducted under air max 90 several outside arches, and down a stairway into a hall, where they left the umbrella and their shoes.
The visitor found himself then in a cloister of the Mosque with which the area around the Kaaba is completely enclosed. There was a pavement of undressed flags, and to the right and left a wilderness of tall pillars tied together by arches, which in turn supported domes. Numbers of people, bareheaded and barefooted, to whom the heat outside was insupportable, were in refuge there; some, seated upon the stones, revolved their rosari nike air max 95 es; others walked slowly about. None spoke. The silence was a tribute to the ineffable sanctity of the place. The refreshing shade, the solemn hush, the whiteness of the garments were suggestive of sepulchres and their spectral tenantry.
In the square whither the Prince next passed, the firs nike air max t object to challenge his attention was the Kaaba itself. At sight of it he involuntarily stopped.
The cloisters, seen from the square, were open colonnades. Seven minarets, belted in red, blue and yellow, arose in columnar relief against the sky and the mountains in the south. A gravelled plot received from the cloisters; next that, toward the centre, was a narrow pav cheap nike air max ement of rough stone in transverse extension down a shallow step to another gravelled plot; then another pavement wider than the first, and ending, like it, in a downward step; after which there was a third sanded plot, and then a third pavement defined by gilded posts upholding a continuous row of lamps, ready for lighting at the going down of the sun. The last pavement was of gray granite polished mirror-like by the friction of millions of bare feet; and cheap nike air max trainers upon it, like the pedestal of a nike air max 90 sale monument upon a plinth, rested the base of the Holy House, a structure of glassy white marble about two feet in height, with a bench of sharp inclination from the top. At intervals it was studded with massive brass rings. Upon the base the Kaaba rose, an oblong cube forty feet tall, eighteen paces lengthwise, and fourteen in breadth, shrouded all in black silk wholly unrelieved, except by one broad band of the appearance of gold, and inscriptions from the Koran, of a like appearance, wrought in boldest lettering. The freshness of the great gloomy curtain told how quickly the gift of the Sultan had been made available, and that whatever else might betide him, the young Emir was already happily discharged of his trust.
Of the details, the only one the Jew actually coupled with a thought wa nike air max 90 s the Kaaba. A hundred millions of human beings pray five times every day, their faces turned to this funereal object! The idea, though commonplace, called up that other always in waiting with cheap nike air max him. In a space too brief for the formulation of words, he felt the Arbitership of his dreams blow away. The work of the founder of Islam was too well done and now too far gone to be disturbed, except with the sanction of God. Had he the sanction? A writhing of the soul, accompanied with a glare, like lightning, and followed, like lightning, by an engulfing darkness, wrung his features, and instinctively he covered them with his hands. The guide saw the action, and misjudged it.
“Let us not be in haste,” he said. “Others before you have found the House at first sight blinding. Blessed be Allah!”
The commiseration affected the Prin cheap nike air max 90 ce strangely. The darkness, under pressure of his hands upon the eyeballs, gave place to an atmosphere of roseate light, in the fulness of which he saw the House of God projected by Solomon and rebuilt by Herod. The realism of the apparition was absolute, and comparison unavoidable. That he, familiar with the glory of the conception of the Israelite, should be thought blinded by this Beit Allah of the Arab, so without grace of form or lines, so primitive and expressionless, so palpably uninspired by ta ste, or genius, or the Deity it was designed to honor, restored him at once: indeed, in the succeeding reaction, he found it difficult to keep down resentment. Dropping his hands, he took another survey of the shrouded pile, and swept all the square under eye.
He beheld a crowd of devotees at the northeast corner of the Ho nike air max classic use, and over their heads two small open structures which, from descriptions often heard, he recognized as praying places. A stream of worshippers was circling around the marble base of the Most Holy, some walking, others trotting; these, arriving at the northeast corner, halted–the Black Stone was nike air max 1 there! A babel of voices kept the echoes of the enclosure in unremitting exercise. The view taken, the Jew said, calmly:
“Blessed be Allah! I will go forward.”
In his heart he longed to be in Constantinople–Islam, it was clear, would lend him no ear; Christendom might be more amenable.
He was carried next through the Gate of the Sons of the Old Woman; thence to the space in front of the well Zem-Zem; mindful o nike air max sale f the prayers and prostrations required at each place, and of the dumb servants who went with him.
The famous well was surrounded by a throng apparently impassable.
“Room for the Royal Hadji–for the Prince of India!” the guide yelled. “There are no poor where he is–make way!”
A thousand eyes sought the noble pilgrim; and as a path opened for him, a score of Zem-Zemis refilled their earthen cups with the bitter water afresh. A Prince of Hind did not come to them every day.
He tasted from a cup–his followers drank–and when the party turned away there were jars paid for to help all the blind in the caravan back to healthful vision.
“There is no God but Allah! Be merciful to him, O Allah,” the crowd shouted, in approval of the charity.
The press of pilgrims around the northeastern corner of the Kaaba, to which the guide w Nike Air Max ould have conducted the Prince next, was greater than at the well. Each was waiting his turn to kiss the Black Stone before beginning the seven circuits of the House.
Never had the new-comer seen a concourse so wrought upon by fanaticism; never had he seen a concourse so peculiarly constituted. All complexions, even that of the interior African, were a reddish desert tan. Eyes fiercely bright appeared unnaturally swollen from the colirium with which they were generally stained. The diversities the penitential costume would have masked were effectually exposed whenever mouths opened for utterance. Many sang, regardless of time or melody, the tilbiye they had hideously 8

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