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s fatigued finely-drawn face was close to Paul’s. Their eyes met and the boy smiled. “Come along, old chap,” Chelles continued in English, drawing the little boy after him.
“Il est bien beau,” the Marquise de Chelles observed, her eyes turning from Paul’s grave face to her d nike air max 1 red aughter-in-law’s vivid countenance.
“Do be nice, nike air max 1 darling! Say, ‘bonjour, Madame,'” Undine urged.
An odd mingling of emotions stirred in her wh cheap nike air max 1 ile she stood watching Paul make the round of the family group under her husband’s guidance. It was “lovely” to have the child back, and to find him, after their three years’ separation, grown into so endearing a figure: her first glimpse of him when, in Mrs. Heeny’s arms, he had emerged that morning from the steamer train, had shown what an acquisition he would be. If she had had any lingering doubts on the point, the impression produced on her husband would have dispelled them. Chelles had been instantly charmed, and Paul, in a shy confused way, was already responding to his advances. The Count and Countess Raymond had returned but a few weeks before from their protracted wedding journey, and were staying–as they were apparently to do whenever they came to Paris–with the old Marquis, Raymond’s father, who had a nike air max 1 ebay micably prop nike air max 1 osed that little Paul Marvell should also share the hospitality of the Hotel de Chelles. Undine, at first, wa nike air max 1 grey s somewhat dismayed to find that she was expected to fit the boy and his nurse into a corner of her contracted entresol. But the possibility of a mother’s not finding room for her son, however cramped her own quarters, seemed not to have occurred to her new relations, and the preparing of her dressing-room and boudoir for Paul’s occupancy was carried on by the household with a zeal which obliged her to dissemble her lukewarmness.
Undine had su cheap air max 1 pposed that on her marriage one of the great suites of the Hotel de nike air max 1 black Chelles would be emptied of its tenants and put at her husband’s disposal; but she had since learned that, even had such a plan occurred to her parents-in-law, considerations of economy air max 1 would have hindered it. The old Marquis and his wife, who were content, when they cam http://nikeairmax11.co.uk/ e up from Burgundy in the spring, with a modest set of rooms looking out on the court of their ancestral residence, expected their son an nike air max 1 sale d his wife to fit themselves into the still smaller apartment which had served as Raymond’s bachelor lodging. The rest of the fine old mouldering house–the tall-windowed premier on the garden, and the whole of the floor above–had been let for years to old fashioned tenants who would have been more surprised than their landlord had he suddenly proposed to dispossess them. Undine, at first, had regarded th nike air max 1 premium ese arrangements as merely provisional. She was persuaded that, under her influence, Raymond would soon convert his parents to more modern cheap air max 1 ideas, and meanwhile she was still in the flush of a completer well-being than she had ever known, and disposed, for the moment, t nike air max 1 leopard o make light of any inconveniences connected with it. The three months since her marriage had been more nearly like what she had dreamed

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